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That’s the level of success I want for you. By now, you know a little about my history: I’ve spent 40 years in financial markets Including 10-years trading at Morgan Stanley where I consulted with hedge fund clients like George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones. I launched Wall Street’s first dedicated international hedge fund and right now, today, I’m one of the top performing hedge fund managers in the world. The 100+ comments and heartbreaking stories readers have posted under the video prove you need my “unfair advantages” to succeed as a trader! There are well over 100 stories from traders and investors. Some are just heartbreaking, like Nick’s. He wrote, “I lost all of my life time savings of $500,000 in the stock market trading options.”

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  • Roy

    February 10, 2012

    Can i join to macro millionaire? Ty

    • admin

      February 19, 2012

      Hi Roy, I think it was open for a few weeks. John Thomas usually takes new students in batches after every few months.

      Best Regards

  • noor

    October 18, 2012

    i have been failure in all small startups by me as i always had limited cash-age 44-keep unwell mostly-i want to be 100% successful trader in options n forex….please guide-help me