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Watch these Instant Options Profits Weekly Options Income Trader 4 videos plus download this Instant Options Profits PDF just now. This Russian Options Trader Mikhail Borisov could be dangerous. Over the past 4 years, Mikhail Borisov has had only 4 losers and 317 winning trades. Get “Mad Mikhail’s” Underground Guide to Instant Options Profits. Discover how this crazy Russian mathematics genius has found a little known flaw in the options market that handed him 100% winners in 2010…98% winners in both 2008 and 2009…and 100% winners in 2007.

For the past decade, this Russian-born former systems engineer at Fidelity Investments has been developing mechanical trading systems to trade the stock, commodities and Forex markets. He’s been developing and testing them with real money. His name is Mikhail Borisov. He’s had great success with a number of systems. In fact, about 80% of his systems produce consistent profits. Yet, NOTHING—and I mean nothing—has generated the consistent, real-world results like the system he’s developed for index options. Last year, in 2010, Mikhail used his new options trading system to make 93 trades—about 2 per week—every single one of which was for a gain! Now, this is not some back tested hypothetical system. This is infact a real money options trading system that has worked like an ATM machine for the past 4 years running.

Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program: “I must get 5 new ‘great’ trading systems presented to me every week.  Most of them are lousy or at best, unproven. These system authors know if I see value in what they present, I may share what I find with my readers. But don’t send me an OPTIONS trading system unless it’s a GREAT one, because I know more about options than most 10 traders combined (I ran one of the countries biggest options firms in the 1980’s).

To the present…I’ve been hearing about a Russian options trader who has had a track record over the last few years that is not be believed. And the truth is, I DON’T believe it. He claims a 4-year record of 317 winning trades and 4 losing trades.  I say BS. Further, the BUZZ about him has been so great, that I decided to listen to his Instant Options Profits video (I actually wound up just downloading his report and briefing it)… and here’s what I saw…This Russian “genius” based his trading system on taking advantage what he calls 2 major “flaws” in options. And he’s dead right about these two facts…

Look, we all know that 90% of options buyers lose (those who just buy premium in exchange for ‘limited risk’). So, his first ‘flaw’ is that you can take advantage of this fact with options that only last a week.  This way more losers will hand you their money weekly, when the option expires (if you are an options SELLER). And the other ‘flaw’ you can take advantage of involves the fact that Institutions BUY options (for insurance on primary positions) HOPING to lose on their options.

So, I’m with him on those two counts… and I like what I hear. But, I still don’t believe that track record... I don’t care WHAT he shows me as proof. But I WILL continue to listen and see if this guy is for real (I doubt it). If you’d like to follow along with me (as you’re bound to hear about him from another source)…And, as always…Stay Disciplined!”

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  • chris donovan

    November 27, 2011

    I’m very interested in options, my one belief is you must be right twice to win on options, You must be right on the direction and also timing. That is why I think options are harder to win on than stocks or forex.

  • samson paul

    January 28, 2012

    Will be interested in ur blog as well as have acces to the indicators that are necessary for trade. Furthermore, it will be interesting to trade in ur recommended platform .
    Success is what I desire and is what I see you offer.