FOREX TRAILINGATOR by Rita Lasker…this is NOT a Robot. This is NOT an Indicator. It’s a principally new product, that allows you to make your forex trading convenient…It can work with how you’re currently trading…It permits a combination of ‘manual’ as well as robot-assisted trading. A unique software package, that provides automatic installation of one of the most important parameters…No more words. See for yourself…

Rita Lasker on her Forex Trailingator:  “This long-awaited hybrid now permits a combination of both,  ‘manual’ as well as robot-assisted trading. It’s a very unique software package, that also provides automatic installation of one of the most important parameters – the Trailing Stop. This is a an automatic Trailing Stop, that will make your trades much more profitable and even more predictable, which in turn will make you much happier and relaxed. If you like scalping, you will greatly appreciate the speed of Trailingator’s activation and precision. However, if you prefer intraday trading, you will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of installing Trailing Stop over put-aside orders.”

You might ask what is a trailing stop? Well, a trailing stop protects you from the price taking a turn and going in the wrong direction. A trailing stop watches the price action and keeps on moving the stop loss behind the price in order to protect your profit. In case price takes a turn, the trailing stop will close the order and lock in the profits for you.

The inbuilt automatic trailing stop provided in the MT4 has limitations. It requires time to call this TrailingStop function up and sometimes you might even have to enter it manually if the TrailingStop value is not on the list.  And in case, you use pending orders then this TrailingStop function cannot be engaged until the orders are open. This makes trading difficult.

Forex Trailingator will obviate all these problems that you face when you use the inbuilt automatic trailing stop provided on the MT4 platform. Trailingator is an indispensable tool for the modification of open orders and adding the trailing stop to them. You can install this Trailingator in a chart of any forex pair. Just need to adjust two parameters: the Trailing Stop and the Trailing Step. Each order that you open will be tracked by this Forex Trailingator and assigned a designated trailing stop.  Everything is explained in the Forex Trailingator User Guide with easy step by step description. You can try FOREX TRAILINGATOR RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account.