Currency Cashflow Machine By Mike Maffei That Turned $10K into $100K in 30 Days And $50K into $750K in 12 Months!

Discover the Currency Cashflow Machine by Mike Maffei. If you ever wanted to make a high six-figure income from trading forex you don’t want to miss this Currency Cashflow Machine video. Last year Mike Maffei averaged $56,857 a month trading currencies… and get this… he started the year with just $50,000. Imagine making more money per month than you have total in your trading account right now. He tells you how he’s doing it in his new Currency Cash Flow Machine video…watch it now.

These numbers sound like total B.S. don’t they? But Mike’s got the audited broker statements and actual trading account to prove these numbers are true. He can show beyond a shadow of doubt that he really did …Turn $10,000 into $110,000 in just over 30 days…Turn $50,000 into $750,000 in a year before commissions… and $682, 286 of cold, hard, spendable cash after commissions in just 12 short months. These are NOT hypothetical results…. These are NOT B.S. back-tested or silly simulated trades… Like I said these are Mike’s real results from live trading with real money. Don’t miss to find out about Mike’s Currency Cashflow Machine trading strategy!

He tells you how he’s front-running Citibank, UBS, Deutsche Bank and the other top banks – which is 100% legal in currency trading. I recommend you check out what Mike’s doing today. Mike makes some pretty bold assertions in this presentation –including his reasoning for why 99% of all technical tools and trading systems are fundamentally a day later and a dollar short when it comes to finding profitable trades. I’d love to hear if you agree with his reasoning after you watch the Currency Cashflow Machine video.

These are real returns from trading REAL MONEY -he lets you see his trading account and publishes his audited broker statements so you can see the numbers for yourself. So what on earth is he doing? In a nutshell, he’s front-running Citibank, UBS, Deutsche Bank – yes, it’s 100% legal and very cool. See his trading strategy and no, there’s nothing to buy on that page. It’s 100% content.

The sick thing is… this system he used to turn $50k into $750k last year isn’t even Mike’s top performing trading system. Mike’s a real pro by-the-way; Mike Maffei runs a hedge fund and a proprietary trading firm, you can learn a lot from this guy. You’ve really got to check out what he’s doing because this is going to be a game-changer for a lot of traders. Find out about Mike’s front running strategy just now! Now, Mike Maffei admits that front running the banks is not the HOLY GRAIL.

Mike Maffei candidly admits, “The REAL SECRET behind how I turned $50K into $750,000 in 12 months isn’t just because I front-run banks… that helps, sure – but there’s a catch.” Mike explains, “The reality is two traders could follow the exact same trading system…”

“Execute the exact same trades…”
“Trade at the exact same time…”
“Start with the exact same amount of money…”
“and one of them could become a millionaire and the other one could go broke.”

How is that possible? Check Mike’s Currency Cashflow Machine Million-Dollar Money-Management latest video, where he explains why money management is the REAL reason he was able to turn $10,000 into $100,000 in just over a month. A lot of traders asked Mike to let them try out his Currency Cash Machine trading service in demo accounts or in their live trading accounts. As a result, Mike has agreed to do just that. If you act right now, you can try Currency Cash Machine for a FULL THREE MONTHS, risk-free. If you’ve ever wanted to make a SIX-FIGURE INCOME part-time, then you should know you can test-drive Mike Maffei’s bank order flow trading system for 90 days.

Currency Cashflow Machine Update

Currency Cashflow Machine was having some problems so Jason Cox, the CEO of Wealth Insider Alliance has extended the refund period for another 90 days making RISK FREE trial period now full 6 months for those who are already members of the Currency Cashflow machine. Jason Cox explain why  the Currency Cashflow Machine was experiencing problems:

Reason #1: The new mirror-trading technology had some technical issues that we’ve had to deal with:

We’ve seen some slippage issues on trades – a problem that appears to be 100% fixed as of today. We even managed to work with one of our customers’ FX brokers to get a liquidity provider to REFUND trading losses they caused through slippage.

Currency Cash Flow Machine is now the largest mirror-trading strategy provider to retail traders. The volume of money we’re trading means Mike Maffei had to stop trading some of the more exotic (and less liquid) currency pairs. That’s been a learning curve.

Reason #2: Customers are anxious to make the larger returns like Mike has been making over the past couple of years, but a combination of technical issues and market conditions has Mike trading more conservatively.

Basically, Mike’s focusing on not losing anyone’s money during this period where so many Forex traders and mirror-trading services are losing money fast. And he’s doing a great job – the majority of Currency Cash Flow Machine customers are making money or breaking even.

But, because of the slowdown in Mike’s trading during this period and the outrageous returns he generated over the last couple of years, we feel customers are getting anxious.

This was the latest update on the Currency Cash flow Machine by Jason Cox as of 19th August 2011.


  • David Stanley

    May 25, 2011

    We would all love this to be legit. but there is not one scrap of evidence that this Currency Cash Machine is not a scam. The name on the trading accounts has been erased so we don’t have his real name, he gives no details about his hedge fund, no address, etc, etc. The only thing we have is what he says and that is the sign of a con man.

    If anyone knows anything to give credence to ‘Mike Maffie’ and his Currency Cash Machine, please let me know as the $1997 he asks for is ‘burning a hole in my pocket’!

  • BB

    May 27, 2011

    Dean Gallagher is the guy behind CashFlowMachine. He has a linked in profile. He is a graduate of the Anderson School of Management@ New Mexico State, or University. I called his number. Leave a message. I emailed his Linkedin address. It bounced. He wants 2k for a mystery man who no one’s ever heard of. Too bad, the strategy sounds compelling.

  • BB

    May 27, 2011

    This is sad. Google wealth insider alliance- Dean Gallagher, Tom Sykes, Thompson… Whoa. Has complaints and scam written all over it. What do these guys do with the money? How do they feel good about themselves. “Sucker born every minute?”

  • Pat

    June 14, 2011

    Looking for Mike Maffei’s web site. Thanks

  • Pepper

    July 24, 2011

    Thanks for pointing out that the guy behind CurrencyCashFlowMachine is Dean Gallagher. It was driving me crazy trying to get to the bottom of this.

    Sounds like he is a savvy promoter type that know all about Agora techniques.

    I can’t find out who he is a hedge fund manager for or any details about his prop trading.

    Still, he has put together a compelling rationale using Tradency.

    But as noted above, his name on the trading statement has been blanked out so there is no real way to know, like and trust him, at this stage.

    I gave him some pointers on this in the comment section on his offer page.

    If he is legit he can easily remedy the situation. I don’t care if he uses a pen name for marketing but I would need to trust him a lot more, have a Clickbank guaranty and understand more clearly his source of information of bank front running information to be comfortable.
    Has he successfully set up an SEO MOZ for bank currency trades?
    and finally who is Tom Sykes?