Black Diamond Trader-The Ultimate Trading System For Any Symbol, Any Chart Type!

Black Diamond Trader is a complete trading system with an automator ea. This is the ultimate trading system for any symbol and any chart type. Black Diamond Trader is a complete set of indicators for the MetaTrader, TradeStation and the NinjaTrader that works for any market whether trending or non trending on any timeframe. This may very well be the LAST Indicator Set you ever purchase…

Black Diamond Trader will let you trade ANY market with a seriously powerful set of indicators, and Automation Component that comes with Educational  videos and materials, and more….Finally, a trading product geared for real traders..Black Diamond Trader is a complete trading system that trades ANY market on ANY chart-type FOREX, Futures, Stocks, Commodities, Silver,Gold, Oil, whatever.. It comes complete with FULL indicator set, Automated EA/Strategy and online tutorial Videos.

These Black Diamond Trader Indicators will graphically show you on the chart the exact entry and exit points. After a while you might want to automate these trading signals. This is where you can use the Automator that can watch the charts based on these indicators and automatically trade for you or if you want simply alert you when there is a trading signal. You can adjust the Black Diamond Trader Automator EA input parameters to your liking and style.

Don’t worry there is a BDT Education Course that comes with a manual and videos that will start by giving you the basic concepts behind the forex and futures trading, video tutorials on trader psychology something very important for your success as a trader plus ins and outs of system trading. You will also get video tutorials on the Black Diamond Trader Indicators and the Automator EA plus tutorials on the advanced usuage of BDT System.

This may VERY WELL be the last trading system you  ever purchase! BLACK DIAMOND TRADER IS A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM with INDICATOR SET plus AUTOMATED STRATEGY (EA) with full instructions and online training Videos Complete with ENTRIES and EXITS that can be traded manually OR with the Automated (EA) Strategy Addon…for MetaTrader 4 (MT4), TradeStation, & NinjaTrader.

This BDT System can be used by scalpers, day traders, swing trader and even position traders. Trade forex, futures, stocks, commodities, eminis any market that you want with the same set of powerful indicators that will not only give you clear as day entry signals but you will also get three amazing filters to validate the trading signal. These filters are the Market Sentiment, Trend Direction Indicator and the Trend Strength Indicator, if all are green, you go long and if all show red, you enter into a short trade.  You can try the Black Diamond Trader RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account.