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Meet the Six Figure Trader Brian Heyliger. Do you also want to become a Six Figure Trader? Every trader wants to become successful and begin making something like $100K or more annually. But very few succeed. Many quit. But why most fail? Because many traders lack the clear sense of direction when it comes to trading. They hop from one market to another. They miss a clear step by step guide that can show them how to become a consistently winning trader.

Search no more. Brian Heyliger is a six figure trader himself who loves to trade the Emini Futures and the Treasury Bond Futures. If you are hooked to forex, think about the futures market. Forex is an unregulated market where brokers do what they want to do. Your order might not get filled in time. Your stops might get tripped with a sudden spike in the price feed. Soon, you will start getting frustrated with the forex broker and start blaming him for all your losing trades.

But unlike the forex market, the futures market is highly regulated. You get your orders filled on the first come, first served basis. There are no broker tricks ( at least not like the forex broker tricks). At last, you can focus on your trading and not on the broker. Emini futures market and the Treasury Bond Futures market are huge. Both are heavily traded contacts. Technical analysis will be almost the same with a slight variation in the details if you have been trading forex or stocks. So, by becoming an expert in emini futures trading and the treasury bond futures trading, you can also become a six figure trader like Brian Heyliger. Subscribe to his 7 Days Professional Trader’s E-Course and learn how to become a six figure trader trading the e minis and the treasury bond futures.

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