Simple Forex Tester Allows Practice Trading Any Pair Any Timeframe On Any Amount Of Time!

Simple Forex Tester is a piece of software that you can install directly onto your MetaTrader 4 platform. Simple Forex Tester has a very simple look and an intuitive GUI that will give you the feel as if you are trading a live account. Simple Forex Tester uses the power of your computer and the data feed from your forex broker to replay the market TICK FOR TICK that allows you to place trades as if you are trading on your live account.

Simple Forex Tester Software Suite

That’s right! Practice makes perfect and this saying applies a lot to forex trading. If you want to become a master forex trader, all you need is practice. This Simple Forex Tester will give you full order placement capability that includes Buy/Sell orders as well as pending orders like Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit. You can modify these orders in real time and use indicators when you practice. Just bought an expensive trading system, check it out on the Simple Forex Tester and see if works otherwise go for a refund. Test any forex robot on it.

This Simple Forex Tester gives your orders an automatic trailing stop and breakeven level, something right now not possible on the MT4 platform. This software will allow you to practice your trades with historical data. The amount of time, this will save you is huge. This Simple Forex Tester is a time machine that can turn 2 days into a year and a half.

Suppose, you have a 9-5 day job but you want to master forex trading. But in the evening you have to give time to your wife and two kids. You can only spare two hours in the night. This means 10 hours of practice per week. This equates to 520 hours in a year which equates to just 65 days as a full time 8 hour trader. However, using this Simple Forex Tester, you could have tested this same amount of 520 hours in as little as 2 hours. You can try this Simple Forex Tester RISK FREE for 60 days and see if it works for you otherwise go for a refund!

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