Price Master PRO-An Advanced Fibonacci Price Analysis Tool For MT4!

Price Master PRO is a new professional grade trading tool that can take your trading to the next higher level. Price Master PRO can draw the future Fibonacci Retracement and Extension levels on any instrument that you want to trade on MT4. So what? You might ask, there are many custom indicators that do exactly that draw Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions level automatically.  But if you have used them, you must be knowing that most of them have a limitation. Most are limited in range to the previous day’s trading range or at most two degrees of swing. Moreover, drawing Fib levels with those tools is a slow and cumbersome process.

Now, this Price Master PRO frees you from guessing which swing to use or which levels have the highest probability of reversals. With this Price Master PRO, you can focus more on the trade setup instead of drawing the Fib levels. What this Price Master PRO does automatically draw all the possible 1-2-3 swings, automatically filter and sort support and resistance produced plus determine the highest probable reversal levels for the next trading day whatever timeframe and instrument you want to trade on your MT4.

Price Master PRO Is An Advanced Fibonacci Price Analysis Tool For MT4

PriceMasterPro, simply put, is the premier tool for the Metatrader platform used by professional and speculative traders alike to forecast future potential price reversal levels at an affordable price. PriceMasterPro utilizes market geometry coupled with highly accurate mathematical formulas to forecast support & resistance levels for the next trading period ranging from 1-minute up to monthly time-frames. These forecasts are calculated after the first hour of market open and remain for the duration of the trading period.

Price Master Pro is far from being just one additional support and resistance tool.  It is very distinct from other tools out there.  This is because PriceMasterPro does not use only previous days range to forecast support and resistance levels, nor does it require two pivots to have formed to create a support/resistance line.  Instead, it uses anywhere from 2 days up to 6 months worth of data to determine future support & resistance levels.

It is the leading aspect of PriceMasterPro coupled with its uncanny accuracy in forecasting price reversal or hesitation levels that make it so unique.  The only way to experience this uniqueness is to experience it for yourself! I mean think about it, every day soon after market open, you open up your favorite MT4 platform and voila! You know exactly which price levels to look for that will play a major role in your trading day. Another nice thing about PriceMasterPro is that you will be able to incorporate it into your own strategy.

Price Master PRO Does Require Experience in Trading

I used it to trade breakouts, moving averages cross, and bounces off the support & resistance lines; but the best part is, my money management technique experienced the most impact. It became significantly more efficient knowing where my position is in relation to nearby support & resistance lines.  I immediately was able to determine my risk exposure before I even considered taking a trade! With all that though, there is one thing you need to be aware of, PriceMasterPro is not ideal for everyone in that it does require you to have experience in trading the markets.  If you are new and just looking around, Price Master Pro may not be for you since it does require you to know what you are doing. You can try Price Master PRO RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.