Forex Order Manager Is Your Trade Exit Expert Advisor!

Forex Order Manager is a faithful trading assistant that can help you combine manual with automated trading. Forex Order Manager is comprehensive tool that can turn your orders placed manually by you or the order placed by your forex robot into winners. But this Forex Order Manager isn’t a robot. It is something altogether different and amazing.

What are the two most important things in any trade? Guess! Yes, it is the right entry and the right exit. Now, many traders focus a lot on their entry when they make a trade. But when it comes to exiting that trade, most make hasty decisions. Some exit too early leaving profits on the table and others stay too long losing almost all  their unrealized profits.

You can test this fact by giving two traders exact same high probability trade setup. What you will discover is that one will make more profit than the other. The answer is simple, both used a different exit strategy. What this means is that your trade exit strategy is very important when it comes to making pips.

This Forex Order Manager is an EA that you can attach to any chart on your MT4 platform. It comes with six different options that you can use it when you attach it to any chart. You can use the Forex Order Manager to set initial stop loss and take profit. You can set an activation point after which the profit trailing with a trailing stop will start. You can also set incremental steps to modify the trailing stop as the trade progresses. You can use the options of breakeven after which the trailing stop will start working. You can even use an ATR (Average True Range) as your trailing stoploss.

Now, you can use this Forex Order Manager to set hidden stop loss and take profit orders. You know it well, there are many brokers who love stop hunting. So, you can set your stop loss and take profit orders in the Forex Order Manager EA and it will continously monitor the market and close your open orders automatically when the set levels are reached.

You can use this Forex Order Manager EA to set partial close of your order on profit or loss and you can also use it to add new positions when profit is reached or a loss takes place. You can also use it to Batch Closing of orders, Basket level take profit, basket level stop loss, account level take profit, account level drawdown. All these different options have been explained in detail in the User Manual. You can try Forex Order Manager RISK FREE for 60 days.