Fibonacci Retracement Grid-Fib & Click Chart Overlay By George Hallmey!

George Hallmey is the developer of this Fibonacci Retracement Fib & Click Grid Chart Overlay Software. Fibonacci Retracement is a concept that confuses many traders. But when it comes to trading forex, stocks, futures, commodities, options or whatever market you trade, fibonacci trading is one of the most important tool used by many pro traders in determining the likely turning points in the market.

Just like most traders, George as a new trader knew how the basic fibonacci retracement technique worked. You just need to observe the most recent high and low, determine two fib ratios of 38.2% and 61.8% and connect them with a couple of lines. But over the years, he learned that there was something more to this basic fib retracement technique. He learned fib trading using cycles, retracements, extensions, fans and arcs but still no clarity and no improvement in his trading results.

He went further and interviewed some of the best fibonacci traders and eventually learned those fib trading secrets that gave him the clarity and skill to use this important technical analysis tool effectively in his trading. What he learned was that some market just do not react to the usual 61.8% and the 38.2% levels. But through research, he found a series of further percentages that suddenly transformed the whole process for him.

Fibonacci Time Extensions

Now, when it comes to calculating fib retracement and extensions, you need time extensions as well in order to determine when the price will turn. Fib Time Extensions are something that many trader simply miss out and later on complain that this whole thing doesn’t work. George found a Ukrainian programmer Nick and gave him his fibonacci grid specs. Within a month, he had his Fib & Click Chart Overlay Software.

How To Trade Important Fibonacci Patterns-The Gartley Pattern And The Bat Pattern

Now, you need to learn these three elements that combine fib retracement with price and time extensions, if you really want to master this whole concept of fib trading. You need to take this comprehensive Fibonacci Trading Video Course by George Hallmey especially if you are a new trader and feeling confused about this important tool. George explains everything in this comprehensive video course on how to connect retracements with time and secret fib levels that will transform your trading plus also discover how to trade the two most powerful fibonacci patterns that are the Gartley Pattern and the Bat Pattern. You can try this Fib & Click Grid System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account and if it doesn’t help in improving your trading, simply go for a refund.