Eurex Day Trader Brian Heyliger Shows How To Make $1,500 Per Day With This Eurex FDAX Scalper!

Learn how to scalp the Eurex Market and make $1,000, $1,500 or even more daily in just under 2 hours of trading. Become the Eurex Day Trader with the Eurex FDAX Scalper Indicator (FDAX is the symbol for the DAX Futures). This FDAX Scalper will give you the buy signal, the sell signal and the stop loss. You need to watch these videos where Brian Heyliger, the Six Figure Trader tells you the story of how he met a German Futures Trader Christian and how they developed the FDAX Scalper. Brian loves to call FDAX Scalper Indicator the Porsche of trading indicators. Don’t forget to watch the Eurex FDAX Scalper in action.

Many day traders love to trade the stock index futures. Two most famous stock indexes ofcourse are the S&P 500 Index and the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) also called the Dow Index. Trading S&P Emini Futures and the Dow Emini Futures is very popular amongst the day traders. The other popular stock index futures are the NASDAQ Emini and the Russell Emini. Whatever, why not trade the German Futures contracts on the DAX Index.

DAX Index comprises of 30 major bluechip German stocks listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Think about Adidas, Allianz, BMW, Daimler, Siemens and the Volkswagen stocks, all are reflected in the DAX Index. DAX measures the performance of these 30 bluechip German stocks in terms of the order book volume and the market capitalization. DAX Index value is calculated by the electronic Xetra Trading System after every one second.

By trading the DAX Futures, you can profit from the volatility in these 30 bluechip German stocks included in the DAX Index. DAX Futures get traded on the Eurex Exchange, one of the world’s largest OTC derivative exchanges. It’s electronic trading and clearing platform offers a wide range of derivative contracts for trading. It also operates the most liquid fixed income markets. Eurex provides you the opportunity to day trade or swing trade these derivative contracts globally from anywhere with low cost. Now if you trade on the Ninja Trader, you will love these Eurex Day Trader FREE Videos by Brian Heyliger! Learn how to become a DAX Futures Scalper.

Unlike the forex market that is unregulated, the futures market is a highly regulated market where you get instant fills of your orders on the first come first served basis. Watch these Eurex Day Trader FDAX Scalper videos and discover how to add another income stream with this DAX Futures Scalping System that can easily add $1,500 or more in just 2 hours of trading daily!

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  • Albert Nkiwane

    June 4, 2012

    Please show me the nutty gritty aspects.