Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Manual Simple System By Cynthia Macy!

Discover this NEW & COOL “Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Manual Simple System” by Cynthia Macy! Using ONLY COLOR and VOLATILITY to trade with, trading is now fun and easy! A Suite of Indicators that confirm each other and keep you out of a flat market….No Fear Trading! Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System, written by Cynthia Macy of Day Trade Forex for the MT4 platform, is a very simple basic manual system that is for scalping the 1 – 15 minute charts or trend trading the 15 min  – 4 hour or daily charts, and performs extremely well with a stop loss of only 10-30-100 pips.

Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Manual Simple System Uses Custom Indicators

You can use it on multiple currency pairs with the special mt4 indicators that you receive, already loaded onto a color-coded template.

*  The template is Color Coded with all the indicators you need!

*  Trades are entered based on two volatility indicators that coincide perfectly with color indicators.

*  None of the indicators are lagging!

*  Breakouts are easy to spot in any timeframe

*  Entries and exits have easy color dot signals

*  Use a conservative or an aggressive entry style – both are taught with lots of videos to explain the strategies and indicators

*  Now trading can be fun!  The *seriousness* has been removed from trading!

Scalping is fun and easy in a 1 and 5 min chart, with entries and exits clearly seen AND VERY FEW WHIPSAW TRADES! This is NOT a news trading system!  It is a trend trading system based on color only….however….in a 5 minute chart you can trade a strong news event….with no fear! The beauty of the 1-4 hour or daily system is that you can monitor your trades in only 10 minutes each day:  5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes at nite…this is perfect for working people or newbies!  These trades typically run for several days to weeks at a time and are slow and lazy and stress-free and have the highest profit potential.  It’s common for a single trade to yield an average of 500 pips or more if used with a trailing stop….and that’s just with one pair! You can easily trade and monitor 4 different pairs at the same time.

If you can monitor your trades starting from about 6 am EST thru 12 noon EST, then you can trade the 15 minute chart and close out in profit every day at noon!  Or use the 15 minute chart for perfect entry and exits for the 1 or 4 hour chart. Or scalp in a 1 and 5 min chart before work in the morning and then go to work, having earned double what you’ll earn that day at work! The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System can make trading easy and fun and very very lucrative for you.

Why?  Because trading with color is so soothing and so sure and so easy. Finding the courage to jump into a trade is now an easy thing…. because you can see visually that all the colors are in the same tone, which means multiple indicators are confirming an entry…. or an exit. Who can’t benefit from Color Coded trading??  Only a colorblind guy!  I really hope this isn’t you! Your suite of special COLOR CODED indicators are already loaded onto a mt4 template for you!  You will be ready to trade and start making money!  Lots of training videos make this a very quick learning process.

No need for a huge minimum deposit! Start with as little as $100 using a cents account! You need to check out this new trend trading system that just a few people have even discovered yet. It’s called The Easy Forex BREAKOUT Trend Trading Simple System, and it’s an all-in-one trend trading system. It installs easily and you can put it on as many accounts as you want! I’m going to keep this short, because I have no doubt that you are going to want this the moment you see it… especially when you see the price! If you are having miserable results at trading, or you just need an easier more fun way to trade, and have been looking for a way to get more pips and money with less stress… the answer is as plain as the nose on your face…..the Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System is the new way to trade! Here’s how you can get started today! You could be making money today!  This is “No Fear” trading at it’s best!

This is what Cynthia Macy says: “Hi, this is Cynthia Macy. I started trading stock options back in the mid-90’s on the telephone before I ever had a pc.  My mother used to drag me to very expensive weekend trading seminars where I learned about charts and patterns and trendlines, etc.  When I got my second pc in 1999, I started spending big bucks on expensive software that was pretty hard to use…. it was a brave new world of online trading!

Since then I have created and written several other forex trading systems…trading is my passion and has given me the wealth and freedom to live on the beach in Cancun, Mexico for 4 years…and before that, I lived in Mexico City for a year…. and I still own my 118 year old re-stored Victorian 4 bedroom home in the mountains of Arizona in a little mining town turned ghost town turned tourist town.  And I visit my family in Southern California twice a year and go bodysurfing…. and I go to Hawaii as often as I can to bodysurf in warm water…. I call it my “have laptop, can trade & travel” lifestyle. People email me and ask me why I am selling my trading systems if trading makes me enough money?!!”

You can try the Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Manual Simple System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account!

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