SFTCv4 Is The 11th Competition In The Surefire Trading Challenge Series-The Largest Independent Forex Competition In The World!

Mark McRae on the Surefire Trading Challenge SFTCv4 11th round:  “By now, it’s no secret that Rover North went all the way and claimed the top spot in the previous Surefire Trading Challenge competition, but did you know that he has just shared the secret of his success with the competitors in the latest trading competition? Listen to Rover North explaining the strategies he used to claim the #1 spot…In this short yet revealing interview, he lifts the veil on some of the tactics he used during the last  competition and he dispenses some great advice for  anyone looking to dominate the opposition.

The easiest way to accomplish anything successfully is to follow the example of those that have done it already! If you have not signed up yet, make sure that you do so within the next 7 days…If the tactics you learn from Rover North is not enough to ruffle your feathers, here’s 10 more great reasons why it’s well worth your while to enter:

1st Place –    $10,000
2nd Place –   $5,000
3rd Place –    $3,000
4th Place –    $2,000
5th Place –    $1,000
6th Place –    $500
7th Place –    $300
8th Place –    $100
9th  Place –   $100
10th Place – $100

Since our first trading competition, we have given traders over $150,000 in cash prizes. Isn’t it about time you claimed your piece of the pie?


You have to be in it to win it! So, you must sign up before the 15th March. That’s only seven days away. Even if you don’t sign up for the competition,  join the community to chat with and learn from the  other traders…If you’re thinking of claiming the top spot this time around, make sure you take the Champion’s trading tips on board. You’ll be glad that you did: There are just 2 important notices!

Bulgarian Martial Arts
Only 9 Days left to register

You may be wondering what Martial Arts has to do with trading Forex? Well, one of the former Champions in the Surefire Trading Challenge is a martial arts expert. Hear the short interview we conducted with him: “Surefire Trading Challenge Is The Largest Independent Forex Competition In the World”…Traders from all walks of life and literally every corner of the globe, participate in this competition to be the best! If you haven’t registered for the Surefire Trading Challenge yet, you can do that here…Remember,

– It costs nothing to take part
– You never need to buy or pay for anything
– There are over 20 cash prizes that could fund your
account, including $10,000 for first place.

This is the 11th competition in the Surefire Trading Challenge series and this one is unique in that, it centers around social networking so that traders can interact more with each other. This just adds a whole new dimension to the trading competition which makes it a whole lot more interesting. This is not just a competition, it’s an education. You have to be in it to experience it.” Register for the Surefire Trading Challenge!