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PRO Trade COPYCAT is a manual trading system which sends favourable trading signals via email, informing when to execute a trade (these signals operate on all major currency pairs). The signals produced by Pro Trade CopyCat are also automatically sent through to and displayed in a comprehensive member’s area which also features installation guides, video tutorials (users can also request a video here) and an FAQ’s list which is frequently updated. The members will also be provided with a weekly analysis report that will cover information on the trades that have been placed as well as any other helpful tips that explain the activity from PRO Trade COPYCAT expert traders.

Pro Trade Copycat Wireless is an EA copier that trades using the same signals delivered by Pro Trade Copycat, however carries out the trades automatically for you. This is an excellent alternative for you because if you are not so keen on manually entering the trades, Pro Trade Wireless will simply do this work for you.

Pro Trade Executive is a manual trading system which uses three special indicators providing signals to the user telling them when to place a trade. It features a trailing stop-loss and trades in all major currency pairs.

Pro Trade Swiper Deluxe is an EA which trades in a more patient manner. It focuses only on the more profitable trades thus reducing the risk of making losses. This EA is specific to EURUSD currency pair.

Pro Trade Spread Observer is an anti-broker tool designed to alert the user if the spread on any given trade changes from the preset value assigned by the broker.

Whatever, you can PRO Trade COPYCAT RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account.