Nova Code Trader Price Based Charting Software Eliminates All Chop & Noise-Download It FREE!

Nova Code Trader Price Based Charting Software eliminates the Time Charts. Time charts are BROKEN…5-min, 1-hr, daily charts all SUCK…Time interval charts are obsolete…This Complimentary Nova Price Based Charting Software-a trading tool that ELIMINATES chop and noise…Today I AM QUIT using time charts….GIVE UP on your charts too now!

You know what MT4 totally sucks…I spit in the face of MT4 developers! This Nova Range Bar Charting Software will REPLACE MetaTrader. How to know when your charts break down? This New plug-in will transform your BORING charts! Yes. Time-based charts are officially OBSOLETE. There’s a brand-new type of charting method  that’s much more accurate. I am talking about the Range Bar Charts! yes, range bars! This is something new! Many traders are simply not aware of the potential of range bars!

And my colleague, Barron Sanctis, a Nova Code Trader is currently giving away a few licenses of his NOVA price-based charting software. The folks who follow his teaching have been crushing it lately with this Range Bar software. Since he is allowing a few more traders to have access, I thought you would want to jump on this offer….Traders are reporting back that this type of charting ELIMINATES up to 75-85% of the chop and noise of any market. And even new traders benefit greatly with this Nova Code Trader software. Because by getting rid of the noise, it filters out most false trading signals. Yes, this offer is temporary, it’s coming down in a few days, so hop on this freebie now – some traders  have paid hundreds of dollars PER MONTH for very similar software, and it’s easy to use, so don’t procrastinate!

As a leading expert, I always strive to make you aware of trading tools that have the power to improve your trading and make your life easier. Here’s a great one: This software transforms the normal time charts (like 15-min, 1-hour, daily) into a totally brand-new, NEVER seen before type of chart. It then helps you COMPLETELY get rid of the noise and chop periods of any market or instrument you trade. It automatically builds FOR YOU the optimum charts to analyze and trade, which in my opinion is the MOST IMPORTANT  aspect of any serious trading plan.

My colleague, Barron Sanctis, has graciously allowed everyone on my blog readers to have complimentary access, but only for a short time…I downloaded Nova Code Trader Software  too, and sure enough, it works as described. This one will definitely make you a better trader if you’ve got a few minutes to install it and run it. Let it transform your normal boring charts. And enjoy the new generation of charting. Barron told me that There  is also a training video that goes with it that’s already up in the member’s area, so check out the software now while the offer is still on the table!


  • Charles Dorgu

    May 22, 2011

    Pretty good.I’ll like to try this before introducing any friend.

  • Mark

    July 17, 2012


    Could you please re-send the the Nova Price Based Charting Software. I was sent a .zip file which contained the novachart.exe. For some reason it is not loading into the MT4 platform.


  • sammy

    March 11, 2014

    can u pls send me the nova code charting software

  • David

    November 1, 2014

    Could you send me the software or a link to it?