Gold Or Silver Investing Video-A Comparison Of The Two Markets By Adam Hewison!

Gold market has been making headlines in the last few months. Many traders and investors were shocked when gold prices made a sharp retracement sometimes back. There are many precious metals that you can invest in. However, gold and silver are still considered best if you want to diversify your investment portfolio. Silver is often ignored whereas it has far more industrial applications as compared to gold and can skyrocket ten times more than gold. But the important question is when to buy these precious metals and when to sell.

The demand for gold in China has nearly tripled in the last ten years and in India reached an all time high in 2010. Together, China and India accounted for 51% of global jewellery, bar and coin demand in this year, a fact in itself worthy of being a reason to jump on the gold bandwagon. This and the fact that the long term goal of China is to create a Chinese Gold Standard, thereby ditching the current dollar standard, again points to long term gold buying strategy for those savvy investors. So, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a long term uptrend in the gold market. Here comes the power of technical analysis: in this Gold or Silver Investing Video, you get a comparison between the gold and the silver market that will help you make the right choice!

Surprising new Gold or Silver Investing video: Which is the right precious metal for you? Gold or Silver Investing: Which Should you Choose? Important Question Which precious metal should you have in your portfolio? Adam Hewison, President of, Co-founder of MarketClub: Here is a simple question for you: which would you rather buy right now, gold or silver? Gold has incredible amounts of emotional baggage attached to it, while silver is in a different league – at least for the moment. This video will show you two indicators that can help you capture either market when and if the upward trend decides to resume. With all of the world’s troubles, there are plenty of reasons why one would think that both of these markets should be much higher. The question is, why aren’t they? I think that the video you’re about to watch will help answer some of those questions. In today’s short educational trading video, I put together comparisons between these two markets and why the obvious choice may not be the best choice.

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