Forex Pip Dragon-A Trade Duplicating Robot By 3 Chinese Forex Geniuses That Made A Gain Of 470.74% In Just 3 Months!

Forex Pip Dragon turned $100 into $10,000 with a special methodology. 3 Chinese Forex geniuses provide access to their account…You can verify yourself a gain of 470.74% on a deposit of $500 in just 3 months with this Forex Pip Dragon Methodology. Today I’d like to tell you about a unique robot which trades the financial markets automatically, but with a human touch behind it.  A team of currency trading experts use their unique strategies to trade their own accounts, and now for the first time they are giving you access to software that can automatically copy every trade they make. This software is called the Forex Pip Dragon!

So, who are these three Chinese Forex Trading Geniuses? Meet Jia Ming Zhang also known as Jay, the team leader who is a masters in Physics and a PhD in Mathematics. He lives in Shanghai, the financial hub of China. He started trading forex with barely enough to eat. But today, he is a consultant to a number of big Chinese banks. Jay is responsible for most of the day trading and swing trading of the account. Zhi Lin (Steve) is responsible for the risk and money management of Pip Dragon. He has created one of the most advanced risk and money management systems for the Forex Pip Dragon.  Before joining the Forex Pip Dragon team, he was responsible for the  EURO DOLLAR Desk for a big international bank in Hong Kong. Yi Huang also called John is responsible for the flawless excecution of the trades with the broker. Your trading strategy is only good as the broker you trade with. You know how brokers make money. You have to keep an eye on the broker if you want to make money and not your broker. It is very important that the trade is opened and closed flawlessly. This is the job of John.

What makes the Forex Pip Dragon strategy so unique is that it doesn’t jump blindfolded into every trade. Each and every trade has to pass the critical eyes of master trader Jia Ming Zhang and his team, with their combined 18 years of live trading experience! Yes, that’s right. They don’t sell you a robot with a mechanical algorithm which is too stubborn to handle today’s complex markets. They are actually sitting there each and every trading day, making trading decisions which are broadcasted to your computer to be executed on your account.

Installing the Pip Dragon is very easy and quick, and once you have it running, it doesn’t need your attention anymore. Everything is done for you automatically. Just sit back and enjoy the profits. With the Forex Pip Dragon you are not only getting a trading system but a team that is always developing cutting edge trading technologies. Forex Pip Dragon is an automated trading service which duplicates Jia Ming Zhang (Jay) and his team’s trades directly into any metatrader account. Because this is a trade duplicating robot, its license and strategy are not hackable, meaning it is protected from piracy. Due to the fact that Jia Ming Zhang and his team actually sit day and night trading the Forex market, the service is charged monthly! You can try the Forex Pip Dragon RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account.