Launch Pad Forex System By Kirk Norwood And Jed Norwood!

Launch Pad Forex System by Kirk Norwood and Jed Norwood is the simplest and easiest to use manual trading system on the market. You will learn about exact entry and exit points, money and risk management, controlling your emotions, trading plan and trading journal great for beginner and experienced alike. This is what Kirk Norwood says about his Launch Pad Forex System: I’m talking about a process that, when adopted:

* Can boost your profit per trade by 3,4…even 5 times
* Relies on trading you’re already doing
* Is easy to use and implement

Big claims? Heck Yes… But I’ll prove to you Launch Pad is not some “flash in the pan” strategy. It’s the next obvious step for serious traders who are looking for a “quantum leap” in their trading. And if you’re a newbie… well, don’t fret. Use Launch Pad and your first trading experience will be 4 times bigger! But here’s the best part… using the “Launch Pad” system is a surefire way to multiply your trading efforts. You’ll see how easy it is to find trades and manage them without the emotion you have been experiencing.” Below is the EXACT Table of Contents for
Launch Pad Forex System:

Module A: Introduction, Indicators, & Stop Losses

* Welcome to Launch Pad
* Installing The “Hotlines” and the MAO
* Installing the Heiken Ashi
* How To Use The “Hotlines” and the MAO
* More On The “Hotlines”
* Using the Heiken Ashi To Find Trades
* Trading With The Heiken Ashi
* Working With Candles & The Heiken Ashi
* Setting The Stop Loss
* Using A Manual Trailing Stop

Module B: Entry & Exit Signals

* Using Multiple Signals To Take Higher Probability Trades
* How Much Information To Look At
* Spotting Entry Points
* Launch Pad Exit Signals
* More On Using The Purple Line As An Exit Signal

Module C: All about The Trend

* How To Use The Trade Tracker Sheet And Calculate Your Win/Loss Ratio
* How To Identify The Trend
* Finding The Trend I
* Finding The Trend II
* Finding The Trend III
* Trending Markets Different Time Frames
* How To Find Major Trends & How To Trade The News

Module D: Different Trading Scenarios

* How To Trade When The Market Is Flat
* How To Trade Smaller Time Frames When Larger Time Frames Are Sideways
* Range, Channel, Flat, & Counter Trend Trading
* Patterns Of When Not To Be In A Trade

Module E: Trading Plan & Money Management

* How To Develop Your Trading Plan
* How To Manage Your Risk
* Managing Your Money
* How To Use The Checklist For Entering A Trade and The Trade Journal
* Printing Your Trades

Module F: Bonus Videos & Documents

* Blue Light Special Strategy
* Daily Checklist: Things You Should Before You Start Trading Each Day
* Easy To Read Charts vs. Hard To Read Charts
* How We Group Our Currency Pairs
* GMT Time Conversion Chart
* Visualization Trading: How To Internalize Trading Signals

You can try the Launch Pad Forex System RISK FREE for 60 days.