Forex Gap Robot Trades The Weekend Forex Gap With A Low Risk Strategy!

Weekend Forex Gap Trading is one of the most consistently profitable trading strategy. You might ask what is a gap and how do they form. Well, remember the forex market closes on Friday afternoon and reopens on Sunday afternoon. Almost always one of the major currencies “gaps” or opens at a price 20 pips or more away from the Friday close, and about 90% of the time that “gap” gets closed.

In other words the price retraces to the same price that the currency pair was at the close on Friday. The Forex Gap Robot was designed to take advantage of this. Let’s make it clear with an example how a gap is created during the weekend.  Suppose, the Friday close price for GBPUSD was 1.4810. The price at the Sunday open was 1.4876 making a gap of 66 pips. The gap gets closed 4 candles or one hour after the open.


Forex gap trading can make you consistent low risk pips during the weekend when the market is closed. Just trigger the trade when the market closes on Friday Afternoon with your stop loss and take profit.  On Sunday afternoon, check back what happened to your trade and you would be made at least 20-30 pips. The Forex Gap Robot trades this weekend forex gap. But it does so with incredible accuracy!

Forex Gap Robot typically makes one to three trades a week making you from 25 to 100 pips depending on market conditions. If you trade a standard contract this would add $250 to $1000 to your account every week that the robot trades.The Forex Gap Robot analyzes the week end gap and applies custom logic depending on the gap size to maximize returns and minimize draw down.  It has got Advanced Money Management. Just set the risk level where you want it and let the EA automatically manage the size of the trade. Forex Gap EA works on Multiple Currencies. The EA come with settings for EURUSD, USDCHF and GBP but you can trade any currency pair you want. You can try the Forex Gap Robot RISK FREE for 30 days!