Forex Breakout Pro And GAP Robot Combo

Forex Breakout Pro Edition is for those traders who have a breakout trading strategy that they want to automate. Infact, this robot will let you automate any trading strategy on any currency pair during any time frame. Now Forex Breakout PRO robot has been designed for an experienced or a professional trader who wants to automate his or her trading strategy but does not know MQL4. If you don’t have to time to learn MQL4 or contact a programmer for help, you can try this Forex Breakout PRO robot RISK FREE for 30 days and see if it can successfully automate your trading strategy.

Now, you can even use multiple instances of this Forex Breakout Pro robot on the same platform with a built in Magic Number. For example, you want to trade the London Open with one set of parameters and the NY Open with another set of parameter on the same currency pair. This is what you can configure with this Forex Breakout Professional Robot:

Magic Number
Trade Comment
Risk Percent
Fixed Lots
Take Profit Pips
Take Profit Pips is Box Size
TP Multiplier Box Size
Take Pips Additional
Stop Loss Pips Long
Stop Loss Pips Short
Stop Loss is Box Size
SL Multiplier Box Size
Trailing Stop On
Trailing Stop Pips
Trailing Stop is Box Size
TS Multiplier Box Size
Brake Even
Brake Even Pips
Brake Even Pips is Box Size
BE Multiplier  Box Size
Add Spread To Take Profit
Add Spread To Stop Loss
Minimum Box Height Pips
Maximum Box Height Pips
Buffer Size Pips
Genius Settings
Signal Confirmation
Trend Filter On
Take Profit Pips trend
Ignore EMA
Only Trade with the Trend
GMT auto
GMT shift
EMA period
Leave Pending OCO Order Live
Expiration Minutes
Trade Hour
Number of Bars
Trade On Days
Box Color and Box Edge Color