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WallStreetWindow Power Investor Members make tons of money. The stock market can be pretty confusing and no one can say for sure whether it will go up or down. Meet Mike Swanson. This is what Mike Swanson says: “I found this out the hard way.  When I first started trading over ten years ago I listened to many experts and subscribed to many newsletter writers that promised me riches through their stock picks.  I’ve greatly narrowed the list of people I pay attention to down since then. Many of them I know personally and talk on the phone with several times a week.  I tossed almost all the guys I first found to the wayside, because I’ve found the vast majority of the experts to be wrong.

If you are like me you have subscribed to a stock picks newsletter only to see every stock the author recommends fall in value week after week while he continues to say it is going to go up.   Or you have watched mutual fund managers and analysts on CNBC call for market bottoms and bull markets while everything continues to drop despite their assertions.

I’m sure you have taken a hit or two from listening to these people.  I did years ago and quickly learned to separate myself from these people by focusing on what the market is actually saying, instead of what everyone wants the market to tell them.

In my first year in the stock market I lost money.  I took a $15,000 account and turned it into $50,000 in a few weeks.  It was just luck, because I then turned that $50,000 into $7,000 thanks to listening to bad advice.  It was brutal, but eventually I learned from that experience, because I simply had to if I was going to succeed in the market.

I realized the only way I was going to make money is if I sat down and learned how the market worked for myself.  I spent half a year educating myself through books, tapes, and courses. Armed with that knowledge and trial and error I built a trading system that works.  As a result I’ve experienced consistent returns in the stock market ever since and have gone from having $15,000 at work in the market to over a million dollars.

You can do the same.  All it takes is understanding how market trends work and knowing what you need to pay attention to.  Through my website and writings I’ve educated thousands of people on the market and given them timely market calls that have helped them filter out the noise and focus on what is important.  WSW Power Investor members have gone along with me through my adventure in the market.

I began investing and trading in 1997 and achieved a return in excess of 800% from 1998 to 2001. In 2002 I won second place in the 2002 Robbins Trading Championship and ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors during that time frame. In 2005 out of 3,621 hedge funds tracked by HedgeFund.Net only 35 other funds had a better return that year.

In the last two recession years my subscribers and I had a fantastic year despite the market turmoil.  I called the start of a new bear market for the US broad market in the Fall of 2007 and told people to lighten up their positions and to look to make money through tactical bets against the market indices and long positions in only a few select sectors in bull markets of their own.  Then in the summer of 2009 we switched to the long side, playing the huge gains in gold and China stocks in particular.  This past year I got cautious on the market and warned people of a correction before the flash crash hit.  Oh, and the crash of 2008 – we made money when that happened by betting against the market!”

When you try the WSW Power Investor Membership, you get Weekly Strategic Thoughts from Mike Swanson plus Special Pre-Market Bulletins from him as well as Personal Access to him via email. In addition to that when you signup for the WSW Power Investor Membership, you will get complete Stock Market Mastery Course. Stock Market Mastery includes the following 7 modules:

Module 1: Mind Over Matter, The Psychology of Trading,
Module 2: The Building Blocks of Technical Analysis,
Module 3: Magic Indicators-5 Indicators You Must Use To Analyze The Stock Market,
Module 4: Swing Trading Tactics For Momentum Investors And Day Traders,
Module 5: Break Through Trading By Timing Your Entry Points To Perfection,
Module 6: Get Out Of The Top And Maximize Your Profits,
Module 7: Secret Weapons Of Champion Traders.

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