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I’m having a love affair with the Ultimate Swing Trader UST Forex Director…This Works… (personally tested)…Is it wrong to have a love-affair with an electronic? Not even an electronic – a piece of software that *installs on* an electronic! Because I’m in love…No, seriously. Between the tracking, the compatibility (works with any system) and the fact that it’s currently available for nothin’ – well, frankly I’m twitterpated. Am I nuts? Do me a favor and retweet this post after you take a look at this and see if you feel the same.

Swing, batter-batter-batter…Are you a swinger, baby, yea? I’ve heard swing trading is easier…Hey, just a reminder, you got your copy of the UST Forex Director, right? If not, it’s a free piece of software that the guys at NetPicks are just flat-out giving out. Mean while, they’ve been ripping through the markets with 283 pips on the EURUSD… and they’re not spending hour after hour doing it either. They’re swing trading, baby! And that means setting entries, targets and stops *one-time* at night, going to sleep and then waking up in the morning to see if they triggered and completed. Keep this in mind that this ultimate swing trading strategy works for forex, stocks and futures and takes just 10 minutes a day to swing into profit.

You’re thinking it’s more complicated, but it’s not (trust me, swing trading is leaps & bounds easier than day trading). And the wins can be just as rewarding. Anyways, get that Ultimate Swing Trader UST Forex Director complementary download, check out the video and let me know your thoughts. This new UST Forex Director helps prevent account blow-out, crushing losses and isolates your weaknesses – in literally minutes. Best of all, it works with any strategy, system, charting platform or data feed – and it’s FREE.

Best of all, this software works regardless of your current trading system, platform, or data provider! Day trading or swing trading, it doesn’t matter if you use a a proprietary trading system, your broker’s strategy, or your doing your own thing – this software is going to work across the board. All you need is Microsoft Excel (or even just Google Docs). Right now, Ultimate Swing Trader Mark Soberman is giving the UST Forex Director out for free as his second round of testers. While all the ‘bugs’ have been worked out of the first test group, we’re looking for your feedback – is this type of information helpful to you?

What kinds of increases are you experiencing after using it? Time-tested using actual beta testers using their own LIVE trading account, the UST Forex Director has shown to advance personal retail trading in leaps and bounds, making the everyday trading process quick, simple, *lucrative* and safe. Check out the Ultimate Swing Trader Blog and discover the one day swing trade strategy that literally takes a few mouse clicks to set trades and wake up in the morning to see if they have been triggered!