The Weekend Warrior Trading System By Marcello Ducille!

The Weekend Warrior Trading System is a proven 100% mechanical automated trading system that can make upto 30% per month with 2 hour work per week. Meet Marcello Ducille. The Weekend Warrior Trading System requires minimal effort on your part and trading only one day per week.  This is what Marcello Ducille says: “I was the typical Forex newbie, undisciplined and overwhelmed with information and emotions. This was an incredibly frustrating and costly experience ever; I started to feel discouraged.

After buying an overpriced $5,000 course from a so-called “Forex guru” I had almost wiped out my account with over $60,000 in losses. I was fed up and ready for a change. My plan was to develop a cold, clean, cash harvesting machine; pure technical, mechanical rules proven profitable with no emotions to get in the way. I realized I needed to not only polish my strategies, but learn how to program trading robots in C++ and MQL4 to automate these for optimal profit. This wasn’t an easy task, but I was determined to get it done in order to achieve the financial freedom I wanted so badly.

I started to study C++, MQL4 and other programming languages. I also read every trading system development book I could find and even started to create my own EA’s and indicators. After over 3,000 hours of programming, back-testing, and hardcore strategy development I began to make huge returns (we are talking between 100 to 400%) with my custom EAs, but it wasn’t over. I wanted to send my message and share my journey with other Forex traders who have been misinformed and taken advantage of by cold-blooded marketers who claim to be “real” forex traders.”

How many trades does the Weekend Warrior produce? If you are trading 2-3 currency pairs taking only the trades the robot shows (automated mode), you will get around 2-3 trades a week. But don’t forget these trades make an average of anything from 100 pips to 1000 pips each or 5% to 20% each! You can try The Weekend Warrior Trading System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account and see if it does what it say!