Short Videos On Gold-Little Known Technical Indicator Nails Price Swings in Gold Accurately!

Adam Hewison, President of, Co-founder of MarketClub: What a Difference a Week Makes…Is It All Over For Gold? A week ago everyone was cheering as gold and other commodity markets were making new highs. Last week however, things changed as everyone seemed to want to jump through the same door, at the same time, putting a great deal of downside pressure on many markets. This phenomenon sometimes happens when people have multiple positions in multiple markets in the same direction. When they start to take profits, there is no one left to buy.

In today’s short video on gold, we show one of the clues that was given by this market all the way back in May of this year. The video runs about 4 minutes and will give you a very good idea of exactly what I’m talking about. As you know, we took profits on a 52-week rule on Tuesday around the $1,416 level and we also exited with a daily “Trade Triangle” signal on Friday at the $1,382 level. I think traders of all skill levels will get a lot out of this short video.

Is gold stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Where is Gold headed and how can you prepare? The gold market has been pushing out its normal level of frustration and anxiety for the past several weeks. So the question becomes, is the gold market pausing to move higher, and of course the Bulls would argue this, or is it forming the head and shoulders top that many technicians are looking for? Of course, this would be a bearish sign for gold if this technical formation is completed.

I’ve just finished a short video on gold that shows you what we’re looking at right now in gold and how I think it is going to be resolved. The video is a little over 2 minutes. It’s quick and to the point while supplying you with what you need to take your place in or out of this market. You may also wish to attend our gold webinar which we are holding on the 2nd of December at 4 PM EST. The webinar is free of charge, but you need to register in order to attend. This is no hype, but we have limited space and it will be on a first-come first served basis. The important thing is that you register as soon as possible. While you do need to register to attend our gold webinar, in order to watch today’s short video no registration is required nor is there any charge.

Little known technical indicator has been nailing the price swings in gold.

Happy New Year everyone! This is my first video for 2011 and I think it’s an important one to kick off the New Year. As you well know, gold took one of its biggest drops in quite some time on the 4th of January and so far it has failed to appreciably recover. So what’s ahead for this most precious metal? MarketClub is growing so much that even Reuters was seen quoting us on 1/06/11:

“TECHNICAL BUYING…On charts, gold cut early losses, bouncing off lows at around $1,362 an ounce, a key support level in line with a series of lows set in December, said Adam Hewison, president of Hewison said gold’s bounce up from session lows signals that it has found support after falling this week. Every time when gold had gotten down to these levels, it’s very close to making a reversal higher,’ he said. Gold has risen toward its record $1,430.95 an ounce level three times since November but failed each time.”

Take a few minutes and watch how this one little indicator has been catching the swings in gold incredibly well for the last several months. You may or may not be familiar with this little known profit maker, but if you’re not yet using it you certainly want to learn how to profit from it in 2011. This video on gold will show you how…As always all videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. Wishing you a very successful and profitable 2011.