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Penny Stock Promo strategy makes $82,573.75 month after month for Doug Graham…This dropout got rich with penny stocks [VERIFIED PROOF!] My friend Doug Graham is a dropout. He used to be such a loser. A big lazy bum…But then he discovered a secret trading strategy with penny stocks that made him well over $1 million. Seriously. He proved it to me with his tax returns and brokerage statements. And I’m super excited that he’s finally allowing me to share his story with you…It’s crazy.  This guy just made $1 million, and proved it to me…My friend Doug is rich. Very rich. He got that way, not with forex, but with the only other place in the world where it’s possible for the small investor to do so:

The penny stock market. Seriously…He showed me his tax returns and brokerage statements as proof that his success is real. Doug Graham is a dropout. He’s recently unemployed. He’s not good looking either. So I didn’t find it particularly easy to think he was telling the truth when he said…He found a way for anyone, from anywhere, with any amount of money to easily make thousands of dollars from home every week. Then he proved it’s possible by showing me his tax returns and swelling bank statements.

This is what Doug Graham says about his penny stock trading strategy: “There’s an old saying in business that states, “The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential reward.” That’s exactly why most investors turn to penny stocks when they are looking to make huge returns on their money. There is no other place in the world where an investor can double or triple his money in just a few hours or days rather than the months or years required by other investments.

However, the problem that most penny stock investors fail to realize is that the catalysts behind such moves often have little to do with the financial reports or fundamental aspects of the companies they are following. The sort of short-term action that guides a penny stock up 100%, 200%, or even 1,000% has much more to do with what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m going to let you in on a big secret you may have not known…

These Huge Moves Are Almost Always Due To Promotions! Have you ever seen a penny stock run for days on end without being able to pinpoint what sparked such a run? Chances are it was a promotion. In fact, out of every 10 stocks you see run up 100% or more, it’s likely that at least 7 of those runs were due directly to stock advertising campaigns! Creating excitement around stocks that soar in response to the smallest surge in investor demand typically gives those who got in early an insane 100%-1,000% return on their investment… but, by the time you – the average investor – usually catches wind of these types of stocks, they’ve often doubled or tripled already.

Even though a purchase at those higher prices could still give you a big return, wouldn’t it be nice to get in at the start of these runs rather than after they’ve already begun? Well, the sad truth is that you simply can’t do so…The opportunity to buy a stock right before a massive advertising campaign begins is the only sure-fire way to consistently pull in huge profits with penny stocks. It’s like trading with top secret insider information… except it’s legal! You already know that I’ve been using this secret trading strategy to make a fortune with penny stocks. Tens of thousands of dollars, each and every month…”

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