OU Trade Alert Service New Year’s Special!

Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley, Chief Strategy Officer, Options University: Many of you may already know this, but…If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions yet, let me make a recommendation. Why not resolve to make 2011 your Best Year Ever…And to start making some real returns in your options trading portfolio? In honor of the approaching New Year, we want to give you access to our signature Trade Alert Service and give you two months free for every month you purchase!

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* AMZN: Long put spread & short call spread, $2,100 GAINS in the model portfolio.

* CAT: Call butterfly & put butterfly, $3,116 GAINS in the model portfolio.

* CREE: Risk reversal 70% return in just under 1 month, with $4,375 GAINS.

* IWM: Long call spread that yielded $4,818 GAINS in the model portfolio, or a 194% return.

* SPY: Long call spread for $2,360 GAINS in the model portfolio.

* SPX: Short Iron Condor 100% of credit, or $2,200 GAINS in the model portfolio.

* CREE: Managed stock position, $6,645 GAINS and 289% in profits in just 21 days!

Our time-sensitive trade alerts are hand-picked by our staff of professional options traders and delivered to your email inbox in REAL-TIME (now also by SMS text message to your phone). Start out your New Year in 2011 with a bang, and get our best pricing ever offered! Get Two Months Free with every month purchased (a 66% savings) and our best pricing ever offered for our Top-Performing OU Trade Alerts Service – Expires Tonight Midnight, Dec 31st. Did your portfolio outperform the S&P in 2010? Our Live Trading Labs did by 14%, and this Thursday at 1pm EST, we are offering a complimentary Live Trading Lab Session.

Register for this complimentary webinar where our professional traders will examine new potential trades for the model portfolio that are a great way to take advantage of the potential market ‘melt up’, or as many believe, a correction from this 2 year high. This Thursday, January 6th, at 1:00 PM, you can join expert options instructor Peter Zomaya as he guides you through what’s going on in the market. Can you afford to miss out on winning trade ideas like some of our recent trade winners?

* CREE managed stock position returned 394% in 60 days, a profit of $6,645 in the model portfolio

* IWM long call spread logged a 194% return in under a month, a $4,818 profit in the model portfolio

* JPM returned 100% in just 9 days, a $6,000 profit in the model portfolio