Masterting MetaTrader 4 in 90 Minutes With Alan Benefield!

As a forex trader, you need to master MetaTrader4. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the much-talked about breakthrough Forex trading software for the active trader. It made forex trading possible for the retail trader or what you call the small investors just like you and me. MT4 is a powerful, feature-rich, and flexible trading and charting platform. MetaTrader empowers currency traders from around the world by offering an unprecedented array of tools and features in one powerful and stable package. And best of all, MetaTrader is free.

MetaTrader was designed from the ground up to meet the unique demands of Forex traders today. Whether you are looking for cutting edge technical analysis, or wishing to develop your own trading strategies, MetaTrader 4 offers unrivaled power and flexibility that can accommodate the demands of the most sophisticated trader. Alan Benefield – a trader and software expert is a long-time MetaTrader user. Alan has created a valuable educational resource for those wishing to master the powerful MetaTrader trading platform. In just over 90 minutes, Alan will demonstrate everything you need to know to become an expert user of MetaTrader 4. Let Alan be your guide as he explores all the features of MetaTrader 4 interactively on video. Alan will demystify and eliminate confusion associated with using MetaTrader 4. It is time to unleash the power of MetaTrader. This is what you will learn from him:

>>Download and install MetaTrader 4.
>>Where to find a demo account that will not expire.
>>How to quickly setup and arrange your charts.
>>Overview of the main buttons, tools and menus.
>>How to make a custom templates and profiles.
>>An easy way to add your email and cell phone to MetaTrader 4.
>>How to setup price alerts in MetaTrader 4.
>>Adding a new custom indicator to MetaTrader 4 from the internet.
>>Adding an expert advisor to MetaTrader 4 from the internet.
>>How to attach an EA “expert advisor” to your chart.
>>Attaching and using scripts with your charts.
>>Adding new templates, profiles and Scripts to your own MetaTrader 4.
>>How to move your settings to a new MetaTrader 4 account.
>>Where to find information about MetaTrader 4 for Pocket PC.
>>And much more!

Mastering MetaTrader 4 In 90 Minutes by Alan Benefield is everything you need to harness the power of MetaTrader 4, the popular breakthrough feature-rich Forex trading software for the active trader. Comes with 4 FREE BONUSES.