Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots By Rob Casey And Nick Fields!

Guide to Getting Rick With Forex Robots has been written by Rob Casey and Nick Fields for the express purpose of helping those frustrated traders who have been scammed again and again by forex robot vendors. Many traders develop high expectations from a forex robot. This Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robots is designed to manage trader expectations. Due to the incredible marketing hype that dominates robot sales pages, traders are left with the impression that they’ll be rich by months end. Unfortunately this means that when a robot doesn’t perform up to expectations or simply has a bad week trades scream scam, refund the robot and bad mouth forex robots in general.

Traders have lost faith in “yet another robot” as the solution to their problems. Traders are looking for solutions and help in understanding how to trade successfully with forex robots. In their Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robots, Rob Casey and Nick Fields will be teaching traders that a string of bad trades can and will happen with any trading system and that the long term track record is what matters. They’ll be teaching what long term expectation value actually means and why it takes more than a handful of trades to properly evaluate a robot. This Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robots teaches:

– Best practices for maximum performance with minimum risk, including …
– The flaws in Metatrader back testing, AND how to overcome them
– Same professional back testing techniques used by REAL professional robot developers
– Proper techniques for robot optimization, while avoiding the over optimization problem
– How to separate a scam from the simple harsh realities of trading

Rob Casey was a particle physicist at CERN before he developed the passion for automated trading and forex robots. His FAP Turbo Expert Guide was specifically written for one forex robot FAP Turbo. It helped many traders learn how to make it work. But this new Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robots does NOT talk about any robots in particular, but rather about robot trading concepts that can be applied across the board to ALL robots. Traders will learn in this guide to tweak and optimize their own robot settings for maximum performance breathing life into the existing robots. Guide to Getting Rick with Forex Robots will Continue to Grow, with new content added every 2 weeks, and become the #1 destination for robot testing and performance optimization. Here’s how it will work …

Forex Robot Scam School Lesson #1
A FREE lesson on one of the top methods used to scam robot traders. It’s a must have lesson for traders who want to succeed with trading robots. It teaches the scam but also shows them that the scam isn’t ALWAYS a scam and that is doesn’t mean the robot is not profitable … but rather just needs to be optimized.

Forex Robot Scam School Lesson #2
A second FREE lesson revealing another huge scam technique. One that can be overcome and even turned into a positive though proper optimization and the use of certain “best practices”.

Forex Robot Scam School Lesson #3
Finally, the most important scam revelation you must know about and learn how to improve any forex robot performance in the most dramatic of ways.

The Guide to Getting Rick With Forex Robots will become live on 11th January 2011. Don’t miss it. You can try the strategies given in the guide RISK FREE for 60 days and see for yourself whether it improves the performance of your forex robot or not!

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