Fibonacci Swing Trader Frank Paul!

Fibonacci Swing Trader Course by Frank Paul can show you how to swing trade simply and effectively. Fibonacci Swing Trading Course methodology offers an unparalleled combination of effectiveness, simplicity of application, and superior Reward/Risk potential to the Forex trader. Frank Paul’s 8-step method shows you how to identify a high-probability trading bias (either long or short – never both) based on a combination of just two simple analytical methods applied exclusively on the Daily chart.

If the market is trending, we then apply a method of finding dips in the uptrend or rallies in the downtrend (primarily but not exclusively on the 4hr chart) by way of Swing Point analysis, Stochastics confirmation signals, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and simple confluences of Support/Resistance.  Frank Paul’s exit strategy is routine and mechanical, allowing you to take profit at prudent and conservative targets which nevertheless offer the potential for very high Reward/Risk – often in the double digits!

Frank Paul has been a member of the Forexmentor team since September 2007, having authored a number of our most popular Forex trading courses and services including Forex Master Blueprint, Forex Profits with COT, Forex Profits with MACD, and Fast Track to Forex. In addition to his active involvement in providing professional caliber Forex trading resources to Forexmentor members, Frank trades his own Forex account four nights a week (usually 5-6 hours per session) with a specialization in the GBP/JPY cross pair during the Asian session midday through London session open timeframe.

He describes his trading style as ‘adaptive’, looking for day trades with 50-100 pip targets within corrective market environments, and swing or position trades held open over several days or more (with larger profit targets) in clearly trending markets. Frank’s belief about the key to success in Forex trading is to limit risk to no more than 20-30 pips per trade looking for at least 2:1 reward/risk multiples every single time – regardless of the technical factors employed in the trade.

Fibonacci Swing Trader DVD Course and Advisory Service by Frank Paul provides you with step-by-step methods to capture medium term Forex trading opportunities. Includes 10 hour video course, online version of the course plus first month access to the Daily Portfolio Advisory Service.