Begin Trading With A Reasonable Amount!

This is Charles. To trade successfully FULL TIME, start with at least $10,000.00. I am sure that you have seen or heard ads that you can actually start trading with some small amount such as $50-$100.00. Sadly, this is more hype than truth. It is quite possible to trade with such a small amount, more often than not, you will not be successful. Here are a few reasons.

1. Most REPUTABLE brokers require larger opening balances.

2. You must have a reasonable amount of risk on the trade. For example: If you have an account balance of $100.00, and risk 5% of your account on a trade, that would be just $5.00. That is COMPLETELY unreasonable, as the risk is too small. You would need to allow the market a bit more room to move.

But WAIT! You have seen account statements that showed a person took a VERY SMALL amount, and made MILLIONS!!!??? In all areas of life, you will have exceptions to the rule. There are some people that did start with very small trading accounts and went on to grow them to very large amounts, but this is like the gambler that goes to Las Vegas, drops in a quarter, and wins the $1 million dollar jackpot. This person is promoted as proof, but what you DON’t hear about is the millions that do the same thing and don’t win.

Trading is not gambling, it is a business, and should be treated like one. If you want to start any business, it is best to start with enough cash to carry you through the periods when you are not making money, and with enough money to cover the costs of running your business. To start a successful trading business, you should start with at least $10,000.00. Yes, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Until you can raise that much, I would suggest that you get a SOLID Forex education and demo trade.

I would encourage you to enroll in my 13 week trader training course. It will give you everything you need to starting trading properly. Then, DEMO trade until you are consistently profitable. If you can show a profit for 3 months demo trading, then you are ready to trade live. If you would like to get more information on the 13 week trader training program, please visit

Committed To Your Success,
Charles A. Floyd, II
President & CEO