10 Essentials For Trading Full Time Begins Tuesday January 11, 2011

Hi, This is Charles, President of FAPWINNER.com.

First, let me thank Hassam for him allowing me to be a guest writer on his blog.What an honor!

For a while now, I thought about what to write about, because having read his blog for a while, I know that his readers are serious traders, and do not fall into or for all of the internet hype, so I decided to write “The 10 Essentials Needed To Trade For A living”. For the next 10 days or so, I will write a new article on one key and core element that you will need to have in place in order to not only trade full time, but to also be successful.

All of the concepts and components I will share with you are the same concepts  that I share with the members of FAPWINNER  (www.fapwinner.com) each and every day.

Some of the articles will make you smile, because you will say, ” I know exactly what you are talking about!”. Others will make you angry, because it will be completely contrary to what the latest greatest internet guru has told you, and some will make you think and say “wow.. that makes a lot of sense”. As a matter of fact, if you visit www.fapwinner.com, if you simply register at the site, you can take a look inside FAPWINNER absolutely FREE.

Unlike others, we offer a “freeview period”. We will be able to look around FAPWINNER as long as you want, without spending a dime to see what we offer. We will not spam, sell or harass you in any way. You get enough of that already.  Please visit www.fapwinner.com.

I am looking forward to spending some time with you for the next few days.


Charles A. Floyd, II
President & CEO