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This Stock Portfolio Protection Course by Options Revolution teaches ordinary investors how to protect their stock portfolios with safe low cost hedging strategies even if they have little active investing experience. Individual investors have no place to turn to when they want to protect their investments. The first rule of investing is to protect what you have. In this Stock Portfolio Protection Couse , investors learn through videos, worksheets and case studies how to hedge their stock portfolios using Options, ETFs, Inverse ETFs, and Collars and more. The typical buy and hold mentality of owning stocks have destroyed most investors hopes and dreams. For nearly 20 years the founders of  The Options Revolution have focused on markets, stocks, options, charts, research, backtesting, technology development and investor education etc. and they’re now striving to assist investors with all of the firepower that they’ve accumulated over those years. The Option Revolution provides unique educational and software trading products and services.

Wayne Razzi is the Founder of Options Revolution. Wayne Razzi was raised in a small town in New Jersey nearby Philadelphia, PA. He studied finance and economics at Drexel University before starting his career as a trading assistant for an options market-making firm on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in 1992 and he’s remained options-focused ever since.  Shortly thereafter opportunity brought him to Frankfurt, Germany where he helped launch an electronic options trading desk for Crédit Commercial de France (HSBC France) on what is now known as the Eurex. His entrepreneurial instincts and intuition led to a career of exploration into business models and other varied forms of equities and options research that led to a joint venture with and Egar Technology.  He’s been a practicing technical/research analyst and financial software developer over the course of his career in addition to his options trading and trading system development.  Wayne served as an options theory and technical analysis instructor for many of the trading firms that he’s been associated with in addition to his recently completed work with Options University where he also spent a good deal of time writing educational articles, teaching online classes, developing course materials and software “tools” while regularly providing economic and market forecasts.  In 2008 Options University was ranked #2 in the Top 50 fastest-growing, privately held education companies and #276 fastest-growing privately held company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Never at rest, he has spent time as a professional financial advisor and market commentator for the last several years. 

This is what the Options Revolution Team says: “If investors had protected themselves when the markets were overbought near the tops, then they could have protected their gains.  It is not that hard to see when things are overbought.  One of the most classic ways to tell is to watch the simple moving averages.  So when the market is near the highs and it is time to sell and your entire life savings tied up in 401ks, pension plans, and IRAs: what can you do? Who can the average investor turn to?

Their broker or advisor? Most brokers and advisors are can only promote owning stocks. That means that they will only suggest to clients that they buy stocks, mutual funds, ETFs that will increase in value. Their main goal of protecting their clients is through diversification with fixed income products. In normal markets fixed income products tend to move inversely to the stock market, so as one goes up the other goes down.  This is no longer the case because of the low interest rate environment.

The Federal Reserve has crushed our Dollar and is content in keeping interest rates low.  Low interest rates in the early 2000′s is what caused the massive housing bubble that we are dealing with today.  Needless to say, when interest rates are near zero investors do not have a safe haven like cash to turn to.  Today, most scared investors are diversifying with Gold and Silver.  This is a scary time to buy these assets when they are trading at all time highs. Some estimates put Gold value as  under priced when compared to Gold vs the Dollar comparisons.  Unfortunately, this is not a great hedge.

Some brokers charge their clients several percentage points of their portfolio.  In fact we have seen fees as high as 6% of the clients portfolio.  SIX PERCENT!  How much does that person need to make to overcome that fee?  So if you have a $100,000 portfolio, then they are collecting $6,000.  Seems like Wall Street is taking advantage of people again! The big boys (institutional brokers, pension funds and  hedge funds) have been using advanced portfolio protection for years.  They just don’t want the average Joe to know about it. They don’t want the average investor to become any smarter.  Electronic access to the same information that they have and markets that they trade is bad enough.

This Stock Portfolio Protection Course gives the average investor the knowledge of when and how to protect themselves.  It gives several different methods to protect a single stock to an entire portfolio. Why should I promote this to my clients? This is something that the majority of individual investors need.  They have already watched their portfolio on the roller coaster go down and up 50%.  They are wising up to Wall Streets tricks and most investors want a way to protect what they have without costing a fortune to do so.  They want to have confidence that their nest egg will be there when they want need it.  In this market, where we just saw volatility drive the market up 10% in one month, how quick could it be down that 10%? First Rule of Investing, Protect What you Have, Learn How!

The stock market has decoupled from reality. The economy is in the tank, but magically the stock market keeps moving higher. Every investor has seen the miraculous “V” shaped recovery of the stock market. The question that every investor has to ask themselves is: “Do I believe the rally will continue?” The markets are doing great now, but they were doing great in 2000 and 2007 too, all the way up to historic tops that led to historic plunges. If you really look at our economy to see the truth: Housing prices have been destroyed, and it is not over.  If you took the normal amount of housing transactions per month, it would take 11 years to clear out the inventory backlog and there is no way to truly calculate how big the shadow inventory of bank owned homes is really.

Foreclosures are near all times highs. There are over 40 Million people receiving food stamps. Unemployment is near 10%, underemployment is near 20%. Our Federal Deficit and Debt is at an all-time high and is under-reported (doesn’t include Social Security and Medicare.) Banks are failing and the FDIC is already running in the red. These are just some of the stark facts. Despite these facts the market has gone from $6,400 to $11,000 as measured by the DOW. Again ask yourself, “Do I believe the rally will continue?”

We can’t answer this for you, but we can tell you that before the market tops, you need to be prepared. What is your exit strategy? If you can’t exit your IRA or 401K then how do you protect your profits? Please don’t ride the wave back down!  AGAIN!There are ways to protect your entire portfolio, often times with one hedging trade. And they can be used in or in concert with IRA’s and 401k’. This is what you will learn in this Stock Portfolio Protection Course:

Investing Challenges-Stop Loss Weaknesses How to Replace your Stock with Options

Portfolio Protection

Why you need to Protect Now-Defining What you want to Hedge (Protect)

Defining Risks – Stocks, Sector, Market

What is Beta Weighting
What Part of Portfolio you Should Hedge

Identifying Maximum Loss Levels

Using Market as Gauge

Comparing Insurance


Partial Protection

Types of Protection – Options, ETFs, Inverse ETFs Call Options

Call Profit and Loss

Put Options-Put Profit and Loss
Inverse Beta Positions


Stock Risk – How many Options?
Month Selection In the Money

Out of the Money

Portfolio Worksheet Stock Information

Beta Information

Free Resources

Quantifying Risk

Trading Choices

Hedge Adjustments

Hedge Exits

How Spreads can reduce cost even further

Vertical Spreads


Taking Action-Step by Step walk through of worksheet on mini portfolio!”

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