Rockwell Trading Futures Day Trading E-mini Home Study Course By Markus Heitkoetter!

Rockwell Trading Futures Day Trading Home Study Course by Markus Heitkoetter can teach you how to day trade the futures markets -Eminis, Commodities and Currencies. This is what Markus Heitkoetter says: “How was YOUR weekend? Here’s mine in a nutshell: On Saturday morning our whole family watched the German soccer team roll over Argentina with a 4:0 victory, then I went car shopping and bought a new truck to pull the RV, went to a friend’s house for dinner: smoked ribs – yum. Played with the kids all Sunday morning, made “the best breakfast tacos in the world” (according to my 7-year old son), and in the late afternoon we started celebrating 4th July with 20 other friends, 12-hour smoked brisket with all the good sides, awesome fireworks and kids falling asleep on the way back, after having a great day!

So as you can see, I had a fun-filled weekend with family and friends. And I hope you had an awesome weekend, too! As you know, I am originally from Germany, and moved to the USA eight years ago. So before 2002 I only knew Independence Day from TV, but now I am experiencing it first hand. And I love it, because it has a special meaning to me: Maybe it’s because of the fireworks, but 4th July always seems like another “Happy New Year” in the middle of the summer :-)  So it reminds me to take a look at my goals. And I noticed, that for years I had freedom-related goals:

* I wanted to break free from my corporate job that consumed me 60 hours a week, often 6 days a week. And I quit my job as a director at IBM in 2002.
* I wanted to live where I want. And in late 2002 I moved to the USA, a place where I want to live.
* I wanted to have a family, and in 2003 my son Julius was born and in 2005 my daughter Vivian.
* I wanted to have the freedom to spend time with my kidsbefore THEY don’t want to spend time with me any more (I know, these days will come), and I wanted to create memories of a childhood WITH a father that last a lifetime. So I bought a travel trailer and we usually go camping twice a month, and my kids LOVE IT! So far, so good! :-)

But I know that all this freedom is not just given to me:

* I have not been sitting around waiting to win the lottery.
* I have not been hoping that one day an attorney will contact me, letting me know that an uncle I never knew died and left me millions.
* I never expected a TV crew to show up at my house, tearing it down and building me my dream house.

I like to be in charge of my future! Maybe that’s why I love trading. When it comes to trading, I am the one who is responsible for success and failure:

*  It is ME who wrote my trading plan.
*  It is ME who decided what strategies to include in this plan.
*  It is ME who is executing the plan (not a computer!)
*  It is ME who is analyzing the trades and make sure that I executed them according to plan.
*  It is ME who is taking action to move towards my goals.

Life is good, but I know that there are people who are NOT that fortunate. I know that especially these days many people struggle to make ends meet…Credit Card companies increase your interest rates to 20% and more, your bonus is getting smaller and you even have to worry about being laid off, if you still have a job. It’s not easy to find a new job – or maybe a second job -and you have to work harder than ever. Less time for family and friends and the things that are really important in life. And maybe you can’t even enjoy your time with family any more, because you worry about payments.

Well, I am NOT telling you that day trading will solve all your problems. I am NOT saying that you WILL achieve financial freedom through day trading, and therefore have more time to do the things you want. I can’t promise that you will make money with day trading. But here’s what I can do: I can share with you what I do. In the Day Trading Starter Package you will find my book”The Complete Guide To Day Trading,” that can help you deciding whether day trading is for you or not. If you think it is, take a look at the”Seahawk Strategy” that I included in the Starter Package. If you want, you can install the software that I use, with exactly the same settings that I use. You see what I see!

And I included a trading platform with a simulated account, so that YOU can test this strategy and see if it works for you, too. Maybe day trading is for you. Maybe day trading can help you with your finances. Maybe day trading can help you achieving your goals. Maybe. I don’t know. And YOU will never know if you don’t try it. I hope that you use the information that I put into the starter package and check it out. So take the information, use it and if you think that day trading might be for you, take the next step. The Day Trading Starter Package doesn’t make you rich. It helps you to get you started! (hence the name :-)  But every journey begins with the first steps, doesn’t it? HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!”