MarketXFactor Indicator For ThinkorSwim And TradeStation by David Vallieres!

MarketXFactor Indicator by David Vallieres can give you the ultimate edge in short term trading. MarketXFactor Indicator uses a formula based on the market internals that correlates the underlying buying and selling in the market. MarketXFactor is a proprietary indicator that has been developed for the ThinkorSwim Platform and the TradeStation. If you use it properly, MarketXFactor can give you a unique way to determine the strength and weakness in the overall market in real time. It is like knowing the MarketDNA. It is unlike any other indicator available. It’s not based on prices. It is based on the markets’ own internals in a proprietary formula that’s recorded on your screen in real-time. But MarketXFactor is only an indicator not a trading system. It is upto you to decide when to buy or sell a particular investment. It may not work on all stocks. However, it works on most DOW stocks and can tell you with a single glance who is incharge of the market (buyers or sellers) and who is gaining or losing control of the market plus much more.

Eric Holmlund: Dave’s videos on the Daily Market Advantage, along with the Market X-Factor indicator, have been doing a GREAT job at showing us where the market is going lately. On the 17th, Dave said we would most likely see a 100+ rally on the DOW the next day, and that’s exactly what happened. On the 18th, Dave said we may get a 30 point pop, followed by a continuation of the decline. Well we saw a 25 pt pop, and then the decline continued the next day.

On Sunday the 21st, Dave suggested shorting the YM (Mini-Dow futures) at 11,236 with a STOP at 11,246. The trade worked out perfectly – he went short at 11,235 and exited the position Monday morning at YM 11,117 for 118 points profit ($590 per contract). Then last night, Dave said the market would most likely retrace the 120 point mid-day rally that we saw on Monday afternoon. Today, that’s exactly what happened!

Using some of the standard indicators taught in the Trading Pro System, I could see that a rally was unlikely today. The Advance-Decline hit -2000 within the opening minutes of trading, and DVOL+UVOL was a consistent red slope, indicating a “trending” day. Hopefully you noticed those and did not make any day trades to the long side today.

So what’s next? I encourage you to join the Daily Market Advantage so you can receive this kind of insight, and much more, EVERY trading day. In addition to the daily reviews, Dave also posts “mid-day updates” from time to time, with valuable up-to-the-minute tips. It’s important to stay alert and be aware of the changing market conditions, and the best way to do this is to join the Daily Market Advantage and if you don’t yet own Market X-Factor, you should grab it!