Interday Scalping From Utusk

Interday Scalping from Utusk, who is known for providing 270% annual account growth. Utusk is the trading signals provider for GFSignals. This is what Utusk (previously known as Nikray) says: “When I started to trade on Forex, that was 8 years ago, I just like many others tried to grab a few pips on the market and leave. I often succeeded but in the end I always ended up suffering losses on the long run. At times I even had to drop all the money on my account. I had no clue at the time that what I was doing is scalping, and unfortunately I neither had enough knowledge nor experience to do scalping on the market successfully back then.

Afterwards I became a positional trader. I opened positions for a few days trying to gain over a 100 pips of profit. In most cases I succeeded and I kept doing so for many years. However, everything changed when I met one of the traders who used just one strategy for many years, and that was the scalping strategy. His profits were incredibly high, much higher than mine within similar time terms and account sizes of his broker’s. So I once asked him to explain his strategy and tell me about the key points helping him trade.

We agreed upon a certain day, and when the day came he started to show me his trading and explain me why he was buying or selling at a certain moment of time. We spent 3 days like that, and I was watching him trade all this time. I was very surprised when I finally got how he was trading. I don’t want to exaggerate, but I’d call his system of trading really primitive. This system doesn’t require either indicators or oscillators and there’s no need revising lots of information on the current economy condition. It’s very simple.

After 3 days of observing I decided to try out this strategy on my own. The result was more than impressive. In less than 3 weeks I almost tripled my account. And that when I wasn’t even spending much time trading at all, no more than 4 hours per day. After everything that was mentioned above I can say with great confidence that absolutely any person can learn this trading strategy even if he’s new to the business. And the person who learns it will become totally self sufficient. He won’t need anyone else any longer, neither the analytics agencies, nor the signals providers, nor the account managers. He’ll be able to increase his account by 100% within a month, trading no more than 4 hours per day.”

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