How To Hack The Stock Market Report By John Bell Who Makes $10K Monthly With A Secret Stock Market Loophole!

Learn How To Hack The Stock Market from John Bell who comes from Cincinnati Ohio. Discover a stock market loophole that can make you $10,000 each and every month. With John Bell’s stock market loophole, even a green investor can start making $2,000-$3,000 per month using his specific stock trading strategy. Instead of looking for jackpot stocks, this specific stock trading strategy looks for consistent steady gains. John Bell copied this loophole from a book that is out of print now. This stock trading book was written by a person whose worth was over $100 million in his days. What John did was copy that loophole and master how to apply it in the stock market practically. Even if you read that book and discover that loophole, you won’t know how to apply it practically in the stock market. John Bell can teach you how to do it!

This is what John Bell says about his How To Hack The Stock Market Guide: “I’m offering you a detailed report which shows step-by-step how to make thousands of dollars from your laptop or PC. This is the same stock market loophole I still exploit to this day. Unlike most get-rich-quick forex or stock market products – I’m not going to overwhelm you with hundreds of pages of cookie-cutter mumbo jumbo, just to make my product look worthwhile. There are no motivational anecdotes or blank lined pages for you to make notes. My report is a no-fluff guide. In fact it’s just 62 pages long. Each chapter is straight to the point and specific about what you need to do to replicate my results & start making money. I even have screenshots showing exactly what to do on your computer!

What really sets my report apart from all those “get-rich-quick” type courses is that I have something specific to teach you. I made money exploiting this loophole long before I considered writing this report. I strongly believe you will be shocked at how logical and simple my loophole is.”

What’s included in the How To Hack The Stock Market Report:

Chapter 2: A Primer on the Stock Market

Although this chapter is called a “primer” – It is meant for both novice & advanced readers. Novices will be able to learn the real truths of the stock market rather than academic fluff. While advanced readers will need to unlearn a lot of what they think they know.

Chapter 3: So What is This Loophole?

How’s that for straight to the point. Chapter 3 explains everything about the loophole. Specifically what it is, why it works and why the loophole will probably never close.

The loophole revolves around buying shares at “giveaway” prices. Think of the loophole as a flaw in the system that very occasionally pushes the price of specific stocks to 80% lower than where they should be. (Note: It’s not natural market forces). Soon after the loophole will “let up” and the share price will jump back to its natural point (not every time but 90% of the time is enough).

Chapter 4: How to Calculate a Fair Price Per Share

Since you’re buying stock market bargains you need to know how to value any share of stock. Don’t worry, it isn’t as hard as you think. In this chapter I show you a “short-cut” which takes just a few minutes per stock. Unlike most investors you can be very bad at valuing stocks and this loophole will still work for you. Why? Because the stocks you’re buying are HUGE bargains. We’re talking 60%, 70% or higher discounts. You don’t need scales to tell you a 300lb man is overweight – And you don’t need to be a professor of finance to tell these “loophole stocks” are BUYS.

Chapter 5: Why You NEVER Pay a Fair Price

In Chapter 4 I teach you a short-cut trick to putting a ‘fair value’ on any stock. In this chapter I explain why you never pay even a fair price.

Chapter 6: Insider Trading that is Perfectly Legal

Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading. She needn’t have if she’d read this chapter. Here I teach you how to “see” exactly what insiders are doing. When the stock market loophole takes effect most smart company insiders jump on the band wagon too. I cannot blame them it’s EASY money.

Chapter 7: Real Examples of Loophole Profits

You’ll never see this in an infomercial system. In this chapter I give specific and detailed “blow-by-blow” accounts of loophole profits. You’ll see my thinking, how the theory works in practice and how much profit I made.

Chapter 8: Putting it All Together. A Step-By-Step Guide

By this point you’ll have learnt almost everything and you’ll probably be anxious to get started. But this chapter sews it all together. I give explicit details and explain things in layman’s terms. This chapter even has screenshots showing me using the loophole strategy right on my laptop.

Chapter 9: When to Sell

There’s a reason this chapter is last. If you’ve bought a “loophole stock”, when to sell is not important. Unlike the other chapters I have no specific, methodical method of deciding when to take profit. If you followed my plan well, you made your profit almost immediately after you bought in – If you sell at the best point it’s just the cherry on the cake!

Bonus Chapter #1: Risk Free Profits via The 2nd Loophole

This chapter explains a second loophole I use to stuff my pockets with cash. But there’s good & bad news. The bad news is the profits are considerably smaller than with the 1st loophole. But the good news is these “small” profits are virtually risk-free. (One customer commented “it’s a little like looking for parking meters with some time left on them”.)

Bonus Chapter #2: How to Totally Automate the Whole Thing.”

Whatever, you can try How To Hack The Stock Market guide for $4.95 only for the next 31 days! If you can’t practically apply that stock market loophole and make money with it, you should simply ask for the refund of your $4.95. Good Luck with How To Hack The Stock Market!


  • J

    November 25, 2010

    Actually the book Bell refers to is quite in print!, it is Joel Greenblatt’s “you can be a Stock Market Genius” and “The little book that still beats the stock market”
    Bell is a scam, Joel Greenblatt wrote the exact same thing and bell stole it from him

  • wayne lewis

    March 25, 2012

    How can I get a copy of howtohackthestockmarket