Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter-A FREE Web Based Application Developed By Traders For Traders!

Forex MRI Team: I just wanted to share with you, our currency strength meter, it provides different signals, it measures in real-time (daily, weekly and monthly price action) the strength of single currency against all major currencies (7 majors), also it calculates the percentage of the daily range of single currency comparing it with other major currencies… we are not selling anything we are sharing our tool for free for the benefits of all. It’s a web based application, check it out!

How strong is a currency? This is a basic question for any Forex trader. As a Forex trader we all know that when we are trading currencies, we are buying one currency while selling the other (Simple fact). With Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter, you can determine which currency is the strongest versus which currency is the weakest. Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter shows you which pairs are the best to trade at that moment.

There are many currency strength meters in the market, some of these products are free and some are commercial, currency meters compare major pairs and calculate the strength/ weakness index, and you buy /sell accordingly. But that’s not enough… High number could be strong trend, could be overbought ready to turn around, drop in number could be retracement or trend change…etc

So what differentiate Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter from other? Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter developed by traders to traders to give you the ability to track currency strength/ weakness historical data, you can compare daily chart, weekly chart and monthly chart to determine whether the trend is strong, the market is turning around or trend change. With Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter you can easily match a strong currency with a weak currency. Forex MRI Currency Strength Meter can be accessed anytime and anywhere, you just need a browser, it’s a web based application!