Forex Fisher Bot By Rita Lasker Is The Latest Version Of Her Famous Fish Forex Robot!

Forex Fisher Bot by Rita Lasker is the first forex robot that uses the NO RISK TRADING UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY. They finally did it…The Legendary Fish Forex Robot is returning in a new role! With the second release of the Green Forex Group most popular product, I am proud to introduce their BEST designed Robot of 2010, they named “FOREX FISHER BOT”, that was just launched…This unique product was designed especially for those, who hate risking and loosing money and who’d rather prefer much safer trades. The results are outstanding. All the screenshot and stats are available at the Forex Fisher Bot site. Give it a risk free try, you will not regret it. Forex Fisher Bot has the following unique features. It is:

The safest robot of all out there
Completely automated
Doesn’t contain Martingale elements in any form
No need for any prior experience or knowledge how to tune it.
The minimal risk of losses is no greater than 5-7%
Doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills
Installs in less than 5 minutes

How it works:  Fisher Bot possesses all the properties of Fish Forex Robot. However, the lack of the Martingale elements makes it less risky, while at the same time considerably less profitable – and, sadly, that’s unavoidable. Fisher Bot uses H1 timeframe, EURUSD pair and works with ANY Forex brokers. This is what Rita Lasker says about her latest product, the Forex Fisher Bot: “The main difference between the Forex Fisher Bot and Fish Forex Robot. While creating Forex Fisher Bot, we were motivated by the main principle: to minimize the feasibility of potential losses. Our prime objective in creating Forex Fisher Bot was designing it in such a unique way, that those traders who while making lesser profits, would equally bring their potential losses to a minimum. And according to our results, the Forex Fisher’s profitability and income generation capability are practically the same as those of Fish Forex Robot.”

You can try the Forex Fisher Bot RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account. Good Luck!