Copy Live Trades Live Trading Room

If you’re still exclusively using “Forex robots”…Please for your own sake – STOP. Look at this Copy Live Trades video by Adrian Scott…A quick search on Google brings up an incredible 322,000 results for “Forex robot scam”. Yes, there are many good robots out there, but unfortunately, there are even more bad ones. And it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish the good from the bad before it’s too late and your money is gone.

You know you can always trust me to THOROUGHLY test the robots that we develop, but here is an alternative to the robots which I highly recommend. These two guys know what they’re doing when it comes to trading…They trade LIVE in front of their small group of members – 5 times-weekly and 3-times daily. If you could watch them, all you’d have to do is watch and copy. Easy. It’s that simple, yet so powerful that these two veterans have racked up 28,240 pips in just 16 months.

This is what Adrian Scott  says about the Copy Live Trades Network: “If you haven’t yet watched every minute of this important presentation I’ve placed on the blog please do so immediately…Also I strongly suggest you make a comment – I’m doing my best to answer every single one. That’s how serious I am about this. You see, I’m absolutely sick of fraudsters, scam artists and charlatans ruining our industry. These people give the REAL trading mentors out there a really bad reputation. Here are some stone-cold FACTS you need to remember:

– There ARE real traders out there who know how to trade profitably (over a long time).

– There ARE real traders out there who have a passion for mentoring ordinary people like you and I.

– There ARE real people out there (with limited trading experience) profiting from the REAL knowledge of successful traders.

Our Live Trading Room doesn’t hide anything from you. When you log-in you’ll see a REAL trader, with several years of experience, trading LIVE in front of your eyes. He’ll be showing you exactly when he gets in and out of each trade he makes. If you want to understand the mechanics of trading, he’ll be there to explain everything. He’ll be there to hold your hand and make trading considerably *easier*. By the way, traders are no ordinary traders. They’ve racked up an amazing 28,240 pips in just 16 months. They put their reputations on the line every day and have absolutely nothing to hide. Our private network already has a very limited number of members. See what they’re saying about our Live Trading Room…The REAL question is will you be joining them!”

Meet the two PRO Traders…The two traders who run Copy Live Trades private network are real people with a real passion for trading and, more importantly, a real passion for mentoring. Meet the senior trader – Colin Atkins – he has been in the business for many years now. He himself was mentored by a friend of 20 years’ experience working for the big institutions in London.

Colin Atkins actually used to work as a window cleaner, having spent a good few years in the army before that. He’s given guest speaker sessions at large Forex meetings as well as training small groups, “one to one” personal training, Webinar tuition and individual account management advice. So he’s no stranger to teaching people how to trade Forex.

Copy Live Trades second expert trader – Tony Brown has a long established background in the Financial Services Industry. This background has provided Tony Brown with great attributes: money management and discipline. In his own words his biggest enjoyment comes from passing on his knowledge by coaching both aspiring and experienced traders alike. He’s the original ‘good guy’, the down to earth trader we all wish we’d found first time around with our Forex experiences. Tony Brown has a helpful, ‘straight to the point’ attitude that’s earned him the respect of long standing members and competitors alike.