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Do you want to make 1000 Pips per Month? A successful Forex trader is one that doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Simply put, to optimize your profits, you need to have more than one tool in your forex treasure chest.  Now, I am sure you would have heard fantastic reviews about the recent launch of the 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT Signal Service. 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT is an Expert Advisor and a great Trading System, Sam and his experienced Forex Traders have seriously changed the way you can profit from the intimidating currency exchange. REAL experts take care of all the calculations and decisive show you don’t have to worry about much.

1000PIPSMONTH has published some concrete proof that has convinced hundreds of forex traders that looked at it. Today 1000PIPSMONTH comes up with even more hardcore proof that will turn even the staunchest skeptics into believers. These are not back tests, and reports from years ago, on the contrary this is fresh proof of real accounts actually making money as we speak. The shocking evidence proves that every second you waste contemplating if or not you will purchase 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT you are losing out on big bucks. 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT releases at Guarnteed Profit Based Strategy.The REAL Trading statements published have independently been verified by independent monitoring services. In times when most of the systems and EAs are nothing but trashed, rehashed compilations, 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOTgives real proof:

->> Over 17 months of trading
->> $181,725 earned from $10000 in the same period
->> No back testing
->> One losing month

You see, Sam is so confident, that he doesn’t try to put a losing month under the carpet. One must remember that Forex market is known for its volatility and anyone claiming 100 results, is pure crap! Now, the great news but WAIT! The strategy underlying 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT and Profiteer Signal Service comes from the way professional traders deal in Forex, stock and bond market. One of the safest way to trade Forex is to secure your profits, instead of keeping all your trades open, subjecting all your investment to risk. 1000PIPSMONTH FOREX ROBOT and Profiteer Signal Service places two trades at a time. It closes one of the trades on reaching profit level. The second one remains open. Now, this works in dual way. First, when you close one trade, you secure profit and your investment. Secondly, with the remaining open trade, you can generate more profits at low risk. Of course, the stop loss feature will ensure that you don’t make loss even on the second trade. This is how the professional traders operate!