Pips Reserve And It’s Strong Money Management Controls!

Pips Reserve will be launched on October 12th…This forex robot has behind it around 10 years of work by a professional forex trader. The strongest element in the Pips Reserve EA is the Money Management. With it’s strong money management system, you are in total control. Don’t worry, if you are a beginner and don’t know the best risk management setting, the default settings in Pips Reserve make sure that you don’t get blown by the market.

But if you have some experience of forex trading, you can set your own max drawdown settings, the days when the robot should not trade for example, you won’t like to be in the market when the NFP Report is released on the first friday of the month. You can refrain the robot from opening any trade around that time. Now, Pips Reserve EA uses 3 different trade exit strategies instead of the usual 1 used by most of the other EAs. You can use anyone of these 3 trade exit strategies with the Pips Reserve or even let the 3 trade exit strategies all run together for maximum gains. Whatever, watch the video that shows the Pips Reserve trading a live account and growing it by 40%.

Ever used a Forex system (robot, indicator or manual) which started okay but then stopped working or even worse – blew your account? Maybe it was a “black box system”?…Do you know why this happened? Now if you’re a professional Forex trader or an inexperienced newcomer, you probably heard the age-old adage: “knowledge is power” … If you believe SUCH sayings then spend two minutes and check this video out…

This video is from a forex trader who learnt forex trading the hard way, making a lot of mistakes enroute. Now, he earns a fantastic living from the forex markets. He is not a wall street trader, a guru or a multi millionaire. But he enjoys a very healthy income from forex trading.  WATCH this video till the end and learn about: “Ticking Time bomb” systems, “Danger Mondays” and other common pitfalls! Watch these Pips Reserve videos, don’t miss them!