Pips Geek by Angela Adams!

Pips Geek by Angela Adams will be live on Saturday, the 30th October…So you have heard of these Automated Forex Systems referred to as Robots or EA’s right? Well we have been fascinated with this “Automated” idea, I mean who wouldn’t want to make money whether you were sitting in your pajamas or sipping on a refreshing drink by the pool?  Heck, everyone would…including myself and forgive me for being assuming, but I bet you would as well…but there is a problem, all of these “Automated” Forex trading systems that we have tried are out to date,  just don’t work.

Some of them start out good and then go bad after a few months…and some just are plain bad to begin with!  Don’t get me wrong creating an automated trading system in the Forex markets that can consistently make you money is not easy. And that is why I am thrilled to introduce Pips Geek.  Here is what makes Pips Geek the #1 Forex  Trading System:

* Pips Geek attacks different currency pairs to maximize profits

* I constantly update the software as the markets changes

* Instructions in the members areas makes it easy for anyone to get setup.

* Pips Geek has “Real” bonuses that are better than most products by themselves

* “Real” support via Email tickets, answered in 24 business hours

* Back and Forward testing results that prove it makes money with a few clicks of the mouse!!!

There are more, but the bottom line is Pips Geek is absolutely the best Forex Trading system on the market…by far. Make sure you read through the page, I guarantee that you will be impressed!! Forget all the hyped up systems that promise results, but don’t have a “Real” Forex Pro behind them. This is the only system that is created by a Forex Pro and will consistently be updated by me to ensure ongoing profitability! I’m not sure how long he is going to keep this offer on the table so I highly recommend you checking it out before it’s too late!

I’m grabbing my copy right now before all the remaining copies are spoken for…We all know how robots are just getting worse and worse right? Well now it’s time for a change. What I’m about to tell you, reveals probably one of the LAST really good EA’s. Take a sneak peak at the Pips Geek…It says it’s launching on Saturday 30th – So I’m going to do some digging for you and I’ll contact you tomorrow to see what I find! You should have seen on their main page they have an incredible giveaway – Just register to be in with the chance of winning the FULL system (worth over $221!).

I’ve got in contact with ‘Angela Adams’, the developer of PipsGeek, and she’s let me in on a little dirty secret…She said I can share this with you guys.. but ONLY my readers, so don’t spread this..Pips Geek Live testing account! As you can see, it’s going pretty strong, and apparently that version they have live tested is on the most conservative settings… WOW.. 25% growth.. conservative? Take some time to register for this one.. it looks pretty incredible – And when they launch take some time to thank Angela for revealing the live account early to you! You can test Pips Geek on your demo account RISK FREE for 60 days!