Forex Bully Training-How To Turn $10K into $1.8 Billion!

Forex Bully Power Training Webinar by Steve Hoftland will be held on 3rd November. Steve Hoftland just sent me a soon to expire FREE PASS link to his massive Bully Training Webinar. Forex Bully is the hottest FX product released in 2010 because it’s PROVEN to do the incredible FEAT of turning $10k to 1,863,510,882.14 (yes, that’s 1.8 bil)…And on the webinar, you’ll get the rare chance of witnessing this DRAMATIC demonstration. I’ll be there and I hope you’ll be my guest. I’ll be on the webinar so give me a shout out in the chat. I’ll be looking for you. Go reserve your seat now while this pass is up…

In a SHOCKING development, a reputable professional trader gives away *The Multiplier Indicator* he personally uses to multiply his profits every day. WOW, it looks like my friend and trading masters Steve Hoftland and Gary Yates “struck a cord” with his new The Identifier Indicator he released 48 hours ago.

This Mathematical Indicator calculates the STRENGTH or WEAKNESS of ALL Currencies (Plus Gold and Oil) in Real Time on 7 Timeframes… from Tiny Little 1-minute to Big-Picture DAILY. In just 2 days, more than 17,800 traders all over the world have watched the video. And their feedback is nothing short of astonishing. Download both these FREE Forex Indicator, The Identifier Indicator and The Multiplier Indicator! You need to attend the Forex Bully Training Webinar that will be held on November 3rd, if you want to learn how to properly use the Multiplier… and integrate it into ANY trading plan… whether you’re into scalping, day-trading, or swing & position trading.


Here’s the story: Steve just released the 2nd indicator in the series: Go here to get this astonishing software right away…But what is it exactly? Well, this time he really lets the cat out of the bag… and reveals for-the-first-time ever his covert, never-before-released THE MULTIPLIER INDICATOR…And once you’ve seen it on your chart, you’ll immediately understand why it’s named that way.

You know, as a respected forex educator, I’ve seen many, many trading systems and methods. Nothing seems to be able to impress me anymore. But after watching THIS in action, I must admit: I WAS WRONG. The principles and algorithms that are used to build this amazing software are nothing short of spectacular. And mark my words: IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. That much I promise. So here’s what you need to do right now: Click the link for instant access to THE MULTIPLIER INDICATOR…You won’t be disappointed when you download both these Identifier and Multiplier Indicators. You will be amazed at what Steve Hoftland and Gary Yates are doing by giving their best forex indicators FREE.


  • fidel

    November 3, 2010

    I was not able to get the website to order after the 60 munites to get the 8 bonuses. at the rate 0f $147.00 and $37.00 after the first month
    How can I get this offer.

    • admin

      November 4, 2010

      Hi Fidel, this was a time limited offer. I think Steve Hoftland has taken down the link.

      Best Regards