Seven Trading Systems For S&P Futures By David Bean!

Seven Trading Systems for S&P Futures give you 7 gap strategies to day trade the opening bell. These Seven Trading Systems took David Bean frm Capstone Trding Systems many years to discover and develop fully. These Seven Trading Systems give you the exact trading rules so there is no need for guesswork left however, these strategies use the TradeStation Platform. In this ebook, you learn: 

What you need to know about the Open. Each day when the market opens, there is a surge in volume as the markets have been closed overnight or over the weekend and  this is the first time any real volume has traded in at least 17 hours.  Price action can be greatly affected right on the open.
Know when to go long or short. What is the best way to define the trend?  Do you know how to setup a trade to go with the trend? Check it out in Chapter 4 as it makes a big difference.
Learn how to test a rule based systematic approach. Gain an understanding on how to develop a professional trading strategy. Combine two strategies into one. Want to use a multi-system, mutli-rule approach.  See how we combine two strategies into one approach in Chapter 7.
How to Exit a Trade. Learn how to use a graphical technique to “see” the best place to add stop losses as well as profit targets in Chapter 10.
Discovering the art and science of trading. We always hear about the art and science of trading.  What does this mean and which is it, art or science?  De-mystifying both and how each plays a role from strategy development to actual trading.
The secret behind optimization. Optimization is bad!  Maybe not.  In Chapter 6, see how we use optimization after strategy development.

So what you get in this Seven Trading Systems

Strategy designed for Active Trader magazine article in 2006. This E-book is based on the results of a strategy article for Active Trader magazine in February 2006.  It has three long entry rules and five short entry rules with a range variable stop loss.
Trade using the market internals on the NYSE. Market internals such as the $TICK, $ADV, $DECL can give powerful insight and clues on the short term market direction.  Learn how to combine this information with price data for stock index futures or the individual stocks.
See how it has done in the last four years! Many times, the best developed, unoptimized, non-curve fitted strategies don’t work as well going forward in time.  Many strategies with real time, real money records for a couple of years can stop working as the market changes the way it moves.  It is not easy to find a good strategy and real strategies don’t always have the straightest equity curves.  This free strategy has been trade-able with a return since it was released over four years ago.
Determine the best rules to trade with going forward! The real value are the two best rules.  (one for long entry and one for short entry) These two rules were around over four years ago.  See how they did and what happens if you trade just these two rules alone! A potentially powerful strategy for the next four years.
Trades the E-mini S&P, SPY, GOOG, and more! David Bean focuses on trading futures but this strategy works on other stock index futures such as the E-mini Russell and E-mini Midcap.  It also trades ETF’s such as the SPY (the equity based equivalent of the S&P futures) and individual stocks such as Google.

Try the Seven Trading Systems RISK FREE for 60 days. It only costs $39.95! If you don’t like these Seven S&P Futures Trading Gap Strategies, simply go for a refund. Good Luck!