SaneFX Indicators By John Campbell-Trade Forex & Gold With the Easiest and Most Complete System Ever!

SaneFX is the simplest most effective Forex System. SaneFX uses one Simple Indicator. When it turns Green you Buy when it turns Red you Sell. Works on most pairs and all time frames but is particularly good on the daily charts where it takes 2 minutes a say. Great new concept for jaded traders. Trade forex and gold with SaneFX Indicators, another good product from veteran gold, forex and oil trader John Campbell!

This is what John Campbell says about his SaneFX Indicators: ” SaneFX makes use of the unique TCCI indicator. This shows us the trend the moment it starts and allows us to trade in the right direction using the 1 minute charts, the 5 minute, the 15 minutes charts, the 30 minute charts, the hourly charts and the daily charts for gold and almost any currency pair. The Gold Trade Pro trade indicator arrows show when the indicated trend is likely to be strong and profitable – allowing you to make many more successful trades.

It is possible to trade off the daily chart to make big pips working for just 2 minutes a day or, scalp from the 1 minute charts or day trade from 30 minute charts. Gold is primarily traded from the 30 minute and 4 hour charts, the later meaning that very little time is required to watch the screen – particularly with the audible alert. The SaneFX indicators give you the simplest trading methods imaginable – one indicator tracks along with the candles and turns from green to red depending on the trend, the other produces trade arrows. Red, we sell; green we buy! Beginners will get good results right away but skill and experience can greatly improve profits.

Daily Charts, 2 Minutes a Day!  This is my favourite way to trade – we don’t have to worry about the swings that knock day traders out and we can just relax for several days and let it run its course. For several currency pairs, the SaneFX indicators can give us great trades on the daily charts. All we need to is to check at the start of each day to see whether we have a trade arrow – a 30 second task.

Using the 15 or 30 minute charts, several currency pairs can be successfully day traded with SaneFX Gold. The indicator picks out the short-term trend with amazing accuracy and allows several profitable trades a day of 40+ pips. The trend is your friend and the best SaneFX Gold trade is when the indicator shows the same trend on the daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, 30 minute, 15 minute and 5 minute charts. This is a ‘supertrend’ and yields a very high success rate. The advantage of trading this way is that we are unlikely to get early short-term moves against our trade. It is highly beneficial to go into profit immediately after opening a trade and it allows us to quickly move our stop to limit any losses. 

Scalping is the riskiest of trades much many people enjoy the action! It is done from the 1 or 5 minute charts. Gold and several currencies can be scalped using the 1 or 5 minute charts as shown below. We don’t use the trade arrows for scalping (although you may choose to). During active trading hours, many instruments oscillate up and down, with the occasional bigger rise or fall. For example, gold regularly oscillates by about 20 pips with frequent rises or falls of over 60 pips. Many Forex accounts include gold.

We can make a steady small profit like this but by being continuously in a trade following the red and green signals, we will always be in a position to catch the bigger moves. This is a simple gold trading system that provides about 2 or 3 trade signals a week but with a very low 37% failure rate. In the first 3 months of 2009, despite the financial turmoil and market uncertainty, we only had 11 losses out of 33 trades and made 1,460 pips clear profit. High pip profits are not necessary if we have a high success rate. With the confidence this system brings in selecting profitable trades, we can trade more per pip quite safely. Signals are completely unambiguous and we have a conservative 100 pip take profit and a 70 pip stop loss (50 pips is less volatile conditions). One pip equals a 10 cent move on the price of gold.”

Trade gold and forex with SaneFX Indicators from John Campbell!