Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge Robot And MTF Directional Robot

Don Steinitz: As some of you might know the Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge robot version 3.23 is a countertrend robot that uses the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator which is excellent for giving accurtate signals to the robot for decision-making. This robot uses countertrend technology, whereby it buys on dips and sells on rallies. In other words it buys low and sells high and sells high and buys low.

The Steinitz HAS MTF Directional Robot version 1.7 uses the same Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator but it has a completely different algorithms for making buying and selling decisions. This robot that we are featuring here waits for trends to develop on multiple time frames before getting in the market. It other words this robot places trades in the direction of the underlying trend(s) and stays in until the trends start to reverse.

This robot is excellent for detecting the beginning of a super-trend and staying in for the entire length thereby producing large numbers of pips. How may times have you seen huge trends and wished that you caught one of these? This robot works perfectly in conjunction with any of our other robots as well as third-party software.

All of our robots have a special magic number that is used to identify which trade belongs to which robot or manual trades, thereby keeping all trades separated without confusion or conflicts. This is the ultimate way to maximize your return on investment and allow for a very smooth equity curve in your portfolio.

In summary, the way I would characterize this robot would be like playing baseball. The robot will make a lot of first-base hits with a few second-base runs mixed in with some third and fourth-base runs. All this is in the attempt to get all men on base for that grand-slam. Out of the blue you will wake up to find your in a massive trend that doesn’t quit, giving you 200 to 700 pip profits on one single trade because it stayed in the trend until the colors changed. Some of these trades can last weeks!