Trade Triangle Technology And EURO/DOLLAR (EURUSD), Gold & Crude Oil

Euro/Dollar, Gold and Crude Oil! What’s happening to the most important currency pair and commodities! Is this the end of Euro? Will Gold touch $2,500 per ounce? Can Crude Oil reach $150 per barrel? Meet Adam Hewison, President,, Co-creator, and a veteran trader.Discover his Trade Triangle Technology. This is what Adam Hewison says: Is it all over for the Euro?  Euro/Dollar, the most commonly traded Forex pair, is always a a hot subject. Throw in the meltdown of Greece and 5,200+ pip profit and you have latest EURUSD Trade Triangle video. Check it out and post, email or tweet it!

EURO/Dollar Trade Triangle! Is it all over for the Euro?

Here’s a fresh Euro/USD Video. Adam has a feeling the recent sharp rally in the Euro may be coming to an end. Is the EURO on a shaky ground? In this short EURO video we take an in-depth look at the euro and its relationship to the US dollar. The recent sharp rally in the euro, up from the 1.19 level, may be coming to an end. We look at several indicators that are close to confirming that this market may be set to head lower.

Things have been bad in Europe recently. Between the travel restrictions due to the volcano and ash, as well as Greece not wanting to conform to strict fiscal policies, problems are adding up and adding weight onto the euro. It is interesting to note that in the beginning of 2010, everyone was bearish on the dollar. Looking at the market action alone we could see that the dollar has done very well vis-à-vis the euro. This is where technical analysis shines as it is an unbiased viewpoint of the collective wisdom of all market participants. In this new video I show you how you can trade the EURUSD cross using our “Trade Triangle” technology and come out of winner no matter what happens to Greece, Portugal, or Spain. Watch this EURUSD Trade Triangle video just now! 

Late last week we produced a video on the euro (which was posted on our blog on Monday), making a case that the currency was very close, if not at its highs. Since then, we have had two significant events fall into place which made the dollar skyrocket against the euro. My new EURO Video shows you exactly what transpired and where we are so far this week. I think you’ll find it interesting and informative.

Crude Oil Trade Triangle

Crude oil breaks $70 a barrel, and we are short…The crude oil market broke through an important support zone and appears to be very much on the defensive. In this new short video on crude oil, I point out some of the levels that I still think are important in this market and illustrate just how important it is to use both stops and our “Trade Triangle” technology. It is a short Crude Oil Trade Triangle video and there is no charge or registration requirement in order to view.

Where to place your stops in gold?

Gold is the most popular market that we cover, and whenever we write about it, or produce a video featuring this precious metal, unsurprisingly, it also tends to generate the most passion of any market that we cover. With gold making new highs recently, I thought it would be timely to put together a video showing you where we are placing our short-term stops. The video is about 90 seconds long and shows you in a very visual way, what we’re looking at in this market. The Gold Trading video is available for viewing now!

Gold Trade Triangle! How to take money and emotion out of the gold market?

Wach this Gold Trade Triangle Video! Perhaps no other market in the world elicits such emotion and passion than the world’s gold market. One only has to mention gold, and theories just come out of the woodwork in regards to conspiracy, market manipulation, and a host of other less than savory subjects. So what’s a trader to do? Regardless of how you feel about gold, this market presents some great trading opportunities that you can capitalize on using our “Trade Triangle” technology. Now, hard-core gold bugs will not subscribe to this method of trading as they prefer to buy physical gold and hold onto it or bury their bars in their backyard, and to be honest with you, there is nothing wrong with that belief. I’ve been asked to update our outlook on gold, so I thought that today I would make a short video to share with you some of the points I see in the current market. As always, our videos are free to watch and have no obligation. The only thing that we ask is that you share your views on our blog. The views can be bullish on gold or bearish on gold, the choice is yours to make.


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