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Download your complimentary OVI Flag Trader eBook and learn how you can trade safely and make windfall profits in 3 easy steps. Guy Cohen on his Flag Trader: For years I’d been number-crunching, researching, and testing all the different angles. Then, on the day I finally discovered this secret back door, it felt like winning the lottery. This was different from everything else because it can be done easily by ANYONE. My heart started beating wildly as I realised my destiny was about to change for the better … forever.

OVI Flag Trader eBook

However many times I tried it, however many times I tested it, as long as I stuck to the rules it still kept on working. The same set of parameters. The same combinations. The same amazing outcome – working time after time. When I Finally Cracked The ‘Combination Lock’ to The Vault it Was The MOST EXCITING Moment of My Life. What I’d uncovered was a secret signal or ‘flag’ which could tip me off to a market move. But here’s the really fascinating bit – and why this has not been discovered before. By itself, the signal was almost useless! But combined with a certain ‘something else’ it became an awesome money-making formula.

What the Secret Flag showed me was where the big boys were piling their money. It was like getting a phone call from the world’s largest investment fund which said “Hey Guy, we’re about to put fifty billion into this market. Care to get in ahead of us and clean up when the market shoots skywards as a result?” Why, YES I WOULD – as it happens!

And what really got me was how EASY this was! Don’t forget I am the author of highly respected books on technical trading so I was used to poring over complex graphs and tables. This new method needed NONE of that! It was embarrassingly easy and involved purely stock trading, nothing else.

Let me explain exactly how my Flag Trader works …There are a set of not-so-secret stock chart patterns (known as ‘flags’) which tell traders that the market is poised to make a move. These flags are easy to spot. A child could follow them. But here’s the problem … even experienced traders who have dabbled in trading don’t appreciate their power. But, combined with a little “extra information”, we certainly do. And we then apply our special knowledge to make serious money time and time again. Other traders may make a tidy amount using little more than the obvious signals.

But I wanted more than a ‘tidy amount’. I’d been making that for years. Remember, I wanted a LOT of money with ALMOST ZERO effort. And I wanted something SO SIMPLE a child could do it. Here’s what happened …On that fateful evening I noticed a sudden sharp rise in a market I’d been about to trade. Darn it, I’d missed the trade like so often before – I was just a little too late to put my position on. The signals (flags) had been lining up but I hadn’t spotted them. I made the trade anyway (late) and took a few hundred dollars out of the market. But I could have had thousands if I’d been earlier with my Flag Trader !

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  • Rocco

    May 9, 2011

    i have been a trader for over 5 years myself, and i have to agree the flag pattern is one of the most reliable of chart patterns. good luck with your trading