Investing in Gold Guide

Investing in gold maybe the best thing right now! Why gold? Well, the answer is simple! Gold prices are at unprecedented levels of $1,200 per ounce with the potential to go even more high. Some pundits are of the opinion that gold prices might reach as high as $2,500 or even $3,000 per ounce. Well, you never know!

Listen to Doug Eberhardt: “Do you think your other financial investments are 100% safe right now?  Most people don’t. What’s scary is exactly how right they are to think that way. In fact, the dollar has lost much of its buying power altogether.  Could it be that we are on the verge of a total dollar collapse?  After 20 years in the financial services industry in various capacities…I have seen enough deception and misinformation about investing to make you sick.

It’s finally time to reveal the real truth about securing your financial future.  Quite frankly, after reading the horror stories that follow…you might feel a panic attack coming on…and I don’t say that lightly. Everything you have heard, or “think you know” about gold investing, is wrong. But please don’t panic, even if you’re feeling a little scared…you’re not the only one.  I am also going to provide you with the solution that will reveal a way to totally secure your financial future, even in a deep recession.  That’s a pretty strong statement, I understand…But it’s time someone finally gave you the entire story…After 20 years on the inside, I just can’t put this off any longer!…Here’s some of what you’ll see on the “inside” of the guide…

•All of the advantages of gold investing, including the opportunity to keep your investments totally secure, even in tough times.  Once you “get it”…you’ll want to share this with others so they can avoid the same fate.

•Starting on page 3, you’re going to discover what your advisor is intentionally holding back from you about gold investing…and why they have no interest in telling you.

•Starting on page 25, discover the type of gold investments they hope you don’t discover…because it will cost them their precious commissions!…

•I will show you the “Gold Investment Grid” on page 47, which clearly explains the types of gold and their value in your portfolio…in easy to understand language (I don’t make a commission on your investments).

•On page 48, I have created what I call Section X (it’s really chapter 4), where you’ll learn all of the “tricks of the trade” that those in the financial industry try to use to line their pockets, not yours…and why.

•Why the entire industry is slanted against gold investing…and what you’ll learn to avoid so you don’t fall for the typical corporate greed (page 57).

•Why you could get into legal trouble if you listen to some gold dealers…and the convenient lie will be exposed that allows them to get off “scott free” (page 52)…then how they scare you into believing their lies.

•A lie gold coin sales people use to justify lining their pockets with your money…and what you can do about it to build true financial security.

•Some gold dealers are flat out lying about the confiscation laws to scare you, and line their pockets…and the proof is on page 53.  Use this advice to return the investment on this very digital report!

•Why it’s totally common to ___________ and __________ when people are selling you on gold buying opportunities…and it’s not what you think.

•On page 60, you’ll see what worried investors are doing when Investing in gold…if you don’t do this, your money is still at risk.

•The win-win situation you can create that will help your neighbor or friends and family secure their financial situation…and will help your own financial investment.  Almost no one does this…you’ll be a hero at your next get together.

•Never leave your home!  I have included all of the specific (not general) sites you need in this report…so you can truly start to capitalize right away.

•How to buy and sell gold safely (no other guide tells you this)…you will be able to extract maximum security and profit for your family easily, and until this report came out…no one else was doing this.

•Plus much, much more in this complete gold-investing resource…”

So what’s happening? Countries like China, India and Russia are buying gold in the international markets in huge amounts. What happened to Greece can and will happen to many other countries. The Greek government spent and borrowed itself into oblivion and must not submit itself to the harsh realities in order to get the bailout. This should be a wakeup call to the citizens of many countries around the world

Running huge deficits and living beyond your means does matter and eventually catches up with you. The latest bailout has a price tag of $1 trillion and is meant to support EURO and save countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal at the risk of default. Don’t forget the $1 trillion TARP! These huge bailouts are a joke. Investing in gold is the best thing to do right now! The last bull market in gold had lasted for almost ten years and those who did the investing in gold in those days became rich. This might be your chance now!