How To Trade The Futures Market?

Learn how to trade the futures market!  If you are interested in trading futures contracts from LIFFE, CBOT, CME, and Eurex among other exchanges; including E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq, FTSE 100, Dax, SP500, Bund and T-Bond futures than read the true experiences of a former LIFFE pit floor trader Malcolm Robinson and learn how to successfully day trade the futures market. This in depth course covers how to read and anticipate the futures market, what really drives the market and how to acquire and use the essential trading skills necessary to trade for profit.

This is what Malcolm Robinson says: I have been an active day trader since 1992, I started my career as a local (independent floor trader) on LIFFE (London Futures Exchange). I left the floor in 1998 when it was clear that the trading pits in London were about to be superseded by the electronic market place. This course is a result of the challenge that I faced as an ex-floor trader coming to terms with screen based trading. It was no easy transition, but eventually I found a way to take what I had learnt from trading on the floor to trading on the screen. Here is a sample of what you will learn in the “How To Trade the Futures Market” course  manual:

 **What are futures? – a straightforward explanation covering what you need to know to trade successfully

 **The High/Low trend following strategy including 3 ways to make profits

 **The most important lesson I have learned about success in trading

 **The 2 key components to successful futures day trading

 ** How to read an individual price bar correctly

 ** Why Direct Access Futures Trading is the only option for day trading

 ** Why Spread Betting stacks the odds against the day trader

 ** Why Volume is the 2nd most important indicator after price

 **How to read and profit from the Depth of Market (DOM)

 ** How to read volume (you won’t find this in any other trading book!)

 ** How the trading pit works and how it relates to Direct Access Trading

 **The 3 primary uses of Futures Markets

 **How the futures price relates to the cash price

 ** How futures cash arbitrage works

 ** What you specifically need to know to trade the E-Mini S&P, FTSE100 and DAX futures

 **Margins – what they are and how they work

 ** The trailing stop – what it is and when to use it

 ** What you need to know about delivery and why

 ** The pros and cons of Market Orders, Limit Orders and Stop Orders

 **How to gauge the two fundamental forces that really drives the futures market

 ** How to read multiple price bars

 **How to tell when a trend has reversed and use volume to anticipate tops and bottoms – clue, conventional wisdom doesn’t work here!

 **How to read the current price (best bid, best offer and last trade)

 **Why learning to read the current price is the most important skill in a day traders arsenal of skills

 **How to execute trades efficiently and effectively

 **How to maintain an objective and focused mind and block out fear

 **Money Management, a simple formula for success

 **How to use Market Master trading simulator and to refine and develop your market reading skills

 ** The how and why of rolling your position over

 **How to scalp the market using a Direct Access trading platform

 **Analysis and interpretation of 16 different developments in the current price

The Market Master Futures Trading Simulator
The Market Master is a trading simulation program that enables you to practice trading any market in any time frame. Practice trading futures contracts from LIFFE, CBOT, CME, and Eurex among other exchanges; including E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq, FTSE 100, Dax, SP500, Bund and T-Bond futures. This is how you can use Market Master to effectively master the financial markets in your own time with no risk of loss:

 **Market Master reads market data files that can be easily created by anyone.

 **Use either real-time or historical data.

 **Comes complete with ready to use sample data.

 **6 months of ready to use sample data for E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq and FTSE100.

 **Immediately start to practice and refining your trading skills.